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Ages 5-9
Published by Emma K Doub • 3 years ago •  3
This world is a STEM experience for 1st and 2nd grade students. Students explore 5 biomes learning about a mystery animal, type of zoologist, and habitats in each. Students collect materials from each biome to create their own at the end.

Science > Biology - Biomes, Habitats, Animals, Careers
All Ages
Published by Emma K Doub • 4 years ago •  1
Students complete Mrs. Foster's challenges to get the materials to reach engineer academy.

Math > Measurement and Data - Volume
All Ages
Published by Emma K Doub • 4 years ago •  3
This world is focused on reforesting a deforested area by collaborating with group members. The information focuses on weathering/erosion, sustainable communities, and citizenship.

Social Studies > Citizenship - Rainforest, Collaboration, Weathering