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Ages 5-18+
Published by GentlemanG • 5 years ago •  2
A central observation platform that branches out into 10 separate work areas, students can work in designated spaces without interference from other groups. Perfect for any kind of group projects. A very flexible map.

Social Studies > Citizenship - General Use, Group Building Projects

This well provides the only water source on the map.

Ages 7-16
Published by GentlemanG • 5 years ago •  5
This enclosed area contains only a single water source. With few resources for food available, participants must set up a farming operation and feed themselves. To do so they must creatively transport, conserve, and build around the limited supply.

Science > Engineering - Water Conservation
Ages 12-18
Published by GentlemanG • 5 years ago •  1
An exploration of Inequity and Social Justice based on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games.

Social Studies > Civics and Government - Social Inequity