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Spawn Point

Ages 7-14
Published by MrSolomon • 3 years ago •  4
Students will recreate a colony based on U.S. History: New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies

Social Studies > History - collaboration, simulation,

Area 1+2

Ages 7-9
Published by MrSolomon • 3 years ago •  10
Students have 7 areas to show the number 12 in different ways. Adapted from Bridges Math Unit on Multiplication and Arrays.

Math > Algebra - Developing Numeracy for Grades 2-4

Introduction to "What is a Number?"

Ages 5-12
Published by MrSolomon • 3 years ago •  19
Students use the "Large Work Space" world to complete a "Number Zoo" where they will represent numbers in different ways.

Math > Numeracy and Operations - numeracy, addition, subtraction

Spawn point with paths

All Ages
Published by MrSolomon • 3 years ago •  0
This is a modified version of the "Large Work Space" that now uses Teleport Stations to help students find their work area with Build Disallow and Border Blocks added.

Technology > Computer Science - Enclosed Work Space

Zone 1: Crafting

Ages 7-12
Published by MrSolomon • 5 years ago •  9
Students learn basic crafting recipes and how to apply digital citizenship to learn how to work together in each "Learning Zone"

Technology > Computer Science - Basic Crafting and Digital Citizenship