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Program turtles to do the work for you!

Ages 7-16
Published by MikeHarvey • 2 years ago •  6
Race against other teams to collect the most resources possible - Turtles only! Collaborate with your team to free your turtles from the maze!

Technology > Computer Science - Computer Programming

The spawn point at Turtle Island features traders who offer rewards for completing quests.

Ages 7-18+
Published by MikeHarvey • 3 years ago •  14
Turtle Island is a massive world made for MinecraftEdu 1.7.10 that relies on both ComputerCraftEdu and CustomNPCs to function properly.

Technology > Computer Science - Computer Programming

Four colored teams can now compete in this challenge. Home blocks and teleporters are used.

Ages 7-16
Published by MikeHarvey • 4 years ago •  5
This is a heavy update I made to the Water Challenge map that features 4 identical team areas, scoreboard use, NPCs for acquiring bone meal by trade, and a full farming tutorial activity for new players.

Science > Engineering - Water Conservation

Students spawn inside a giant Beginner's Mining Turtle.

Ages 10-18+
Published by MikeHarvey • 4 years ago •  19
Explore programming and computer science concepts with many hours of puzzles and activities using ComputerCraftEdu! WARNING: This map was designed for MinecraftEdu 1.6.4 and the exact mod versions listed. It may not be compatible with newer versions.

Technology > Computer Science - Computer Programming
Ages 7-18+
Published by MikeHarvey • 4 years ago •  4
Pixel Art Coding is a computer science lesson. Together, students will invent a their own programming language and use it to encode and decode pixel art.

Technology > Computer Science - Programming

Two teams compete to build number sentences using blocks they acquire out the world.

Ages 7-12
Published by MikeHarvey • 4 years ago •  1
Two teams collect number and symbol blocks to build number sentences in this tutorial world.

Math > Numeracy and Operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication