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Ages 5-18+
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 3 years ago •  8
Players will meet and customize their very own programmable turtle and then use it to complete a basic set of challenges. This world was designed as an activity to be part of the Hour of Code movement by Code.org.

Technology > Computer Science - Introduction to Coding

Turtle Canyon

Ages 7-18+
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 3 years ago •  7
Players use ComputerCraftEdu to explore Turtle Canyon where they meet friendly mechanical turtles and program them.

Technology > Computer Science - Programming and Computational Thinking

Yup, it's flat.

Ages 5-18+
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 4 years ago •  2
A truly flat world the way Minecraft used to generate them. No grass, no villages, no frills. etc.

Technology > Computer Skills - General Use

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Ages 12-18
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 4 years ago •  4
A vast, virtual environment that simulates exploration of ancient history. Similar to a "World of Warcraft" RPG that engages students with the discovery of ancient history and geography.

Social Studies > History - Ancient Civilizations
All Ages
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 5 years ago •  0
A detailed 1:1 recreation of The Forbidden City circa 1751AD. Explore this fascinating time period.

Social Studies > History - Chinese History

The Institute for Quantum Blocks and Matter.

Ages 10-18+
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 5 years ago •  1
This is a world designed for using the qCraft mod, in which students explore three fundamental principles of quantum physics: Observational Dependency, Superposition, and Entanglement

Science > Physics - Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing

A sprawling world with lots to see and do.

All Ages
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 5 years ago •  0
This is the official Tutorial World that comes with MinecraftEdu. An adventure map that introduces players to the basics of Minecraft. They will have to solve a few puzzles along the way, and work together in teams.

Technology > Computer Skills - How to play Minecraft!
All Ages
Published by MinecraftTeachr • 5 years ago •  14
Players must discover what has happened to the Earth after being asleep for 200 years. They must work together to balance environmental concerns with the demands of technological progress.

Science > Ecosystems - Conservation and Balance