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Arrive in Avatar Land

Ages 7-9
Published by Myra Palmer • 2 years ago •  0
Students use the template to design a MinecraftEDU avatar. Then they create their avatar in Avatar Land using a 4x8 grid base.

Technology > Computer Science - planning, creativity, proportion
Ages 5-9
Published by Myra Palmer • 2 years ago •  0
This world provides teleports to different habitats and biomes. After researching about an animal, students can teleport to the habitat or biome and build their animal, display a sign sharing specific traits, then teleport to other areas.

Science > Ecosystems - Animals
Ages 7-12
Published by Myra Palmer • 2 years ago •  8
Castleland provides a world in which students begin with finding hidden passageways in a castle to selecting a land to team with others to meet the challenge presented.

Technology > Digital Citizenship - Creativity


Ages 5-12
Published by Myra Palmer • 2 years ago •  0
After reading one of the first 28 books from the Magic Treehouse Series, students select the passageway, land and build a representation from the chapter book to depict an aspect of the story.

English Language Arts > Literature - Creativity, Team Work