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Viking World

Ages 7-12
Published by Richard Clarke  •  Posted 1440 days ago
A Viking village and surrounding area, populated with interactive NPC's. Chained missions guide players through learning about the different aspects of Viking culture, including exploration, commerce, and raiding.
Social Studies > History - Vikings, History, Culture
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Richard Clarke, Evan Lewis
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4, 1.7.10
World Type: Exploration, Mission Based, Story
Tags: Vikings, trade, Commerce, Exploration, Mission, Story

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • customnpcs


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This lesson was designed to teach students with no prior knowledge of Vikings.

Most students finished the main content after eight 45 minute periods.  Reading level will affect completion speed, as there are many unique dialogue trees and stories that are available in the world.  Students with reading difficulties may require support.

This world was designed as an interactive learning environment for Grade 3 students learning about Vikings and their culture.  An in-game quest-line directs students through many tasks that expose them to different components of Viking culture, including exploration, trading, and raiding.  An accompanying workbook serves as a physical record of their learning and works in tandem with the in-game quests to guide the students through the topics.

Students start in a village house with an information block explaining the world and directing them to a nearby NPC.  Talking to this NPC is critical as that will start the missions.  The missions are location based, and completing quests will unlock tools, supplies, weapons and armour for the players.

The look of the world can be improved by installing and activating Lord Trilobite's NorseCraft 2.1.3, a Viking themed texture pack for the world.  Link can be found below.


This unit was created with the following TSW's in mind:

The Student Will identify and locate the Viking’s homeland.

TSW realize the different characteristics of the Viking Culture: sailing, trading, raiding.

TSW analyze the importance of ships and sailing to the Vikings.

TSW describe the function and importance of the Viking storyteller.



The first impression is amazing. Can't wait to let my students try out this one. Beeing a Scandinavian myself, I must say the charachter names amused me :) Will probably notify you again when we have tested it in class. I would love a quiz of some kind to see what the kids have learned from talking to the charachters.

Thanks for the comment, Halligator. The workbook could be used as a test; all of the questions on it are answered by talking with the NPC's in the game. I used it as an 'evidence of engagement/learning' tool that the students filled in as they went, but there's no reason it couldn't be used as a final test. I look forward to your feedback!

I played this with my 5th & 6th Grade afterschool Minecraft Club and it was a tremendous success!! At first, I forgot to add the customnpcs Mod and we couldn't figure out how to play. Once I figured out what was going on and got the mod installed, the students were thrilled with the results!!! I printed the workbooks and they were working diligently to find all the answers! We can't wait till our meeting next week so we can continue playing and go on missions! Thank you so much for such a well-crafted world!!

Hello Toni! Thank you for the feedback and praise. I'm very happy that the world is being enjoyed. As per your feedback, I have updated the page to include a document for setup instructions. The world has some specific requirements for later missions to function correctly.

I'm extremely excited to be using this with my 'hard to reach' 12 year old students tomorrow! I used to live near Roskilde in Denmark and enjoyed finding out about Viking history at the Viking Ship Museum there. www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/ The map looks fantastic!

We noticed that when a student dies in game...we had two...one drowned and one caught fire! Anyway, once they die they can't speak to certain NPCs for some reason...solution: log them out and log them back in!

That's very unusual! Thanks for the feedback and for posting the solution. I don't think it's a thing I can fix on my end, but I'll look into it.

I have installed the customnpcs mod and the resource pack Lord Triobite's NorseCraft 2.1.3, but can't find Thorsviir or any instructions where to find him. I only found the first general instructions. Can you help me?

Hi jeromef, Thorsviir should be in the same room with the information block. There's a large 'throne' and he is programmed to stand on it and not move. If he isn't there that's strange. Try re-installing the world, perhaps? Let me know if you get it figured out.

Thank you for your response Richard. No I never did see him on the throne. All of my students can now see the several vikings in the world and are having fun with your adventure. I am not sure if they have seen Thorsviir either. I will ask them.

Hi Richard!! We can't find any storytellers!! Can you point us to one please? We've met the Blacksmith...the Storyteller's house should be next door right? Thanks in advance!!

If you're on the part of the quest that sends you to find the Skalds, they aren't located in the Viking village. There are three large houses in the wilderness that each of the Storytellers can be found in. The houses are very large, and each should be visible from the other. Hmm, I should put together a Quest Guide for reference. I'll try to get that together soon.

Thanks...Ill try to find them before our next outing! A Quest Guide! Yes please! :-)

Hi Richard, I'm stuck...! I've got a lesson with this in the morning...I've found the storyteller's houses but when I right click on them they don't answer. Their names are red...does it mean I need to do something first? We've met the blacksmith and the boat builder so we are on quest 3? Is there a way I can plough through as a teacher? Unfortunately we only have 1 hour sessions each week so I can't really afford to just let them wander about with no progress! Thanks in advance! Tony

Hi Mr Tony, I just ran through a fresh install of the world, and I wasn't able to replicate what you are seeing. If the names are in red, that usually means they are hostile, but that shouldn't be the case, and I'm not sure how they would ever get that way. You might want to check the faction settings and see if something changed them to a hostile faction, or manually set everyone's faction standing with them to positive. As for what stage of the quest you are in, after speaking with the boat builder you'll be given instructions to acquire equipment for journeying into the dangerous wilderness. There's an intermediate step here where you find a Viking who shares his wealth and then talk to another Viking to purchase armor and weapons. For what it's worth, wandering around in this world doesn't mean no progress. There's a lot to learn from talking to the NPC's, even the one's that aren't directly on the quest lists. I did my best to make sure information showed up in many places and in different ways, so taking time to wander and speak with all the different NPC's will still provide relevant information. I hope this helps.

I'm planning to run this map as a program at one of our library branches, and I'm playing through it first so that i can answer questions and provide help. I have a couple of questions myself! First, I eventually found the Skalds' houses, but it took a very long time to get there - am I missing something? Since you can't destroy blocks to make a staircase, I kept getting stuck on the cliffs - especially between the first and second house. Secondly, I've played through to the supplies quest. I have a pickaxe (I assume the only work around the village that one can do is catch fish? Nobody seemed to have anything else), and I had a boat, but what happens if the boat crashes? I don't see another way to find a second iron coin, to buy a replacement boat...? So far this is an incredible map - I'm looking forward to seeing how our patrons feel about it!

OK, I should have realized that the trader would also give you iron coins for fish - so that took care of getting a second boat. Am I correct in assuming that meeting Eric the Red is the last of the quests? Is there anywhere on that part of the map where you can mine/dig/etc.? Otherwise, I'm not sure how'd you'd get supplies to build.

OK, I should have realized that the trader would also give you iron coins for fish - so that took care of getting a second boat. Am I correct in assuming that meeting Eric the Red is the last of the quests? Is there anywhere on that part of the map where you can mine/dig/etc.? Otherwise, I'm not sure how'd you'd get supplies to build.

Hello, we have installed the Mod, but can't fint Thorsviir. All the people in the village are dead, lying around on the ground with weapons in their hands, but no living NPC's. What are we doing wrong?

Do the "Viking world" only support MinecraftEdu version 1.6.4? I have Minecraft Edu server 1.7.10 (development build 19).. The world seems alive (bats, sounds, fire etc) but no living NPC, just dead vikings. Anyone?

My students loved this map, but we were having directional issues. We would love to see a map of the village for the students to be able to use. The first person they see, they could also be given a map. We were using the resource pack and stable 11 and did not have any issues.

This map is absolutely amazing! One problem: I am not getting any "missions" to go on. The Vikings talk, but they just give information. They don't tell the character what to do in the story. I have the custom npcs installed...any ideas why this would happen?

Hello everyone. Thank you for your feedback, I'm going to look into the 'everyone is dead' issues and see what I can find. I am also planning on creating that teacher step-by-step guide, once I have time. I got promoted to head of Technology at my campus, ostensibly to develop more resources like this, but in typical fashion the new year is seeing me besieged by every other conceivable duty. My sincere apologies for the lack of support over the last few months.

Hello again! So I've had time to log into the world and try to examine the issues some people have been having. I have not been able to replicate the 'everyone is dead' phenomenon. I used a fresh download on a new computer to avoid any abnormalities, but that part worked fine. I'd be open to suggestions from someone who solved the problem or might have a reason for it. Next, the new version appears to have broken the quest assignments in the dialogues, so I'm going to have to go through and re-attach all of those quests. I'm hoping to have that done by the end of next week. I will figure out how maps work and arrange to get one into the hands of players at the beginning. Finally, I'll get a step-by-step guide for teachers to use to help students who are lost. It will include the descriptions of the quests and the locations of the objectives, for clarity. Thanks for your feedback, everyone!

The Teacher Guide has been uploaded, including step by step instructions for completing the quests. It also has pictures of each location. The quest system wasn't actually broken, I just looked in the wrong spot, so that has been left unchanged but is confirmed to work, as I went through it to do the guide. Map function to come.

New to this MInecraft edu. Tried running this world but I can't find Thorsviir or any instructions where to find him. The students start off at the location where the large 'throne' is located but he does not appear. Any suggestions?

Hello JZ, can you tell me if other NPC's are appearing at all, or is it just Thorsviir who is missing? If it's just him, try logging into the world as a teacher, find the NPC wand and right click into the air with it. This will give you a list of all nearby NPC's; if Thorsviir's name is on the list, click into him to edit, and then just cancel. It should reset him to the throne.

No, none of the NPC's appeared. The students explored the world for quite some time. I downloaded the world several times and uploaded again. However, the NPC's do not appear.

Hi JZ, are you certain you have the required mod installed? Without CustomNPC's installed on all of the computers (including the server computer), the NPC's will not appear. I'm not sure what else might be causing them to not appear at all, but I will look into it further if you do have the required mod installed.