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The Land of Turtles (MinecraftEdu 1.6.4 and CCEdu 1.631pr9)

Ages 10-18+
Published by MikeHarvey  •  Posted 1697 days ago
Explore programming and computer science concepts with many hours of puzzles and activities using ComputerCraftEdu! WARNING: This map was designed for MinecraftEdu 1.6.4 and the exact mod versions listed. It may not be compatible with newer versions.
Technology > Computer Science - Computer Programming
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Mike Harvey
World version: 6.1
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Mission Based, Puzzle
Tags: Programming, ComputerCraftEdu, Computer Science, Puzzles, collaboration, Team Work

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • computercraftedu
  • customnpcs


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This world is no longer supported, but it has been remade. Please check out Turtle Island on the World Library.

This is a world designed to teach students the basics of programming using Beginner's Turtles in ComputerCraftEdu. It is designed to supplement an elementary or middle school programming/coding unit. A class could easily spend over 10 class periods in this world. 

There are currently 6 main areas in version 6:

  • 1. Turtle Training Musem (spawn point, interact with NPCs and watch pre-programmed turtles)
  • 2. Intro to Turtles (customize your own turtle and learn how to program it)
  • 3. Faultline Island (collect resources in a natural Minecraft environment and use them to escape... or do anything else!)
  • 4. SkyTurtle Island (bridge/stair building, ladder building, tunneling, loops)
  • 5. Bridge Programming (collaborative team challenge using loops and item slots)
  • 6. Pixel Art Coding ("vanilla" programming activity, recently imported, not thoroughly tested)

This world was designed to be played with the following MinecraftEdu settings:

  • *MinecraftEdu Mode
  • *Build privileges off
  • *Student surfacing off
  • *Student spawning off
  • Weather/fire/mobs off


Version 6.1 (July 15, 2014) - Fixed a bug in the code for the ColorScanner program.  Thanks Alex!


Disclaimer: The following is a list of the standards to which I feel this world applies. However, the Land of Turtles is simply a tool, not a curriculum. It is up to each teacher to direct the learning of their students.

CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards

Computational Thinking
CT.L2-01 Use the basic steps in algorithmic problem-solving to design solutions (e.g., problem statement and exploration, examination of sample instances, design, implementing a solution, testing, evaluation).
CT.L2-03 Define an algorithm as a sequence of instructions that can be processed by a computer.
CT.L2-04 Evaluate ways that different algorithms may be used to solve the same problem.
CT.L2-06 Describe and analyze a sequence of instructions being followed (e.g., describe a character’s behavior in a video game as driven by rules and algorithms)
CT.L2-07 Represent data in a variety of ways including text, sounds, pictures, and numbers.
CT.L2-12 Use abstraction to decompose a problem into sub problems.
CT.L3A-01 Use predefined functions and parameters, classes and methods to divide a complex problem into simpler parts.
CT.L3A-02 Describe a software development process used to solve software problems (e.g., design, coding, testing, verification).
CT.L3A-03 Explain how sequence, selection, iteration, and recursion are building blocks of algorithms.
CT.L3A-09 Discuss the value of abstraction to manage problem complexity.
CT.L3A-11 Describe how computation shares features with art and music by translating human intention into an artifact.
CT.L3B-04 Evaluate algorithms by their efficiency, correctness, and clarity.

Collaboration (Especially relevant in the Bridge Programming activity)
CL.L2-03 Collaborate with peers, experts, and others using collaborative practices such as pair programming, working in project teams, and participating in group active learning activities.
CL.L3A-01 Work in a team to design and develop a software artifact.
CL.L3A-03 Describe how computing enhances traditional forms and enables new forms of experience, expression, communication, and collaboration.
CL.L3A-04 Identify how collaboration influences the design and development of software products.
CL.L3B-03 Evaluate programs written by others for readability and usability.

Computing Practice and Programming
CPP.L2-04 Demonstrate an understanding of algorithms and their practical application.
CPP.L2-05 Implement problem solutions using a programming language, including: looping behavior, conditional statements, logic, expressions, variables, and functions.
CPP.L2-08 Demonstrate dispositions amenable to open-ended problem solving and programming (e.g., comfort with complexity, persistence, brainstorming, adaptability, patience, propensity to tinker, creativity, accepting challenge).

Computer and Communication Devices
CD.L2-01 Recognize that computers are devices that execute programs.
CD.L2-03 Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between hardware and software.
CD.L2-04 Use developmentally appropriate, accurate terminology when communicating about technology.
CD.L2-07 Describe what distinguishes humans from machines, focusing on human intelligence versus machine intelligence and ways we can communicate.
CD.L2-08 Describe ways in which computers use models of intelligent behavior (e.g., robot motion, speech and language understanding, and computer vision).
CD.L3A-10 Describe the major applications of artificial intelligence and robotics.
CD.L3B-05 Explain the notion of intelligent behavior through computer modeling and robotics.

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice
1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
4. Model with mathematics.
5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
6. Attend to precision.
7. Look for and make use of structure.
8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.



Really like this map. Haven't reached the end yet as I am testing and familiarising myself with it as I progress through (before the children get a hold of it) I have found an easily remedied error in the code for the "ColorScanner" turtle exhibit, located in 'Turtle Training Museum' area. The error can be seen in line 1 of the code 'design' page, where the number 16 is causing an, 'unexpected item.number.name', (between 'turn right' and 'turn left' buttons). (i wonder if the turtle was meant to spin round 4 times, ie '16 right turns', as a little dance?) Anyway, removing that number 16 in line 1 seems to fix the error so the code can run and complete! oh, make sure the turtle is facing the pupil at the window before running the code, (it faces the wall of wool samples, which is a bit rude of it) steep learning curve, having fun along the way =) I'm off to the 'Intro to Turtles' area now.....

Thanks Alex. Familiarizing yourself with things is definitely the way to go. Thanks for helping me debug the Color Scanner. I'm uploading a fix for it now, so you're welcome to download it again if you like. Here is the how the first line of code should read: "Select Slot: 16, Place Forward, Turn Right" You are correct that it should also begin facing the player.

The map seems really awesome, however I'm having issues being able to start the server with the custom npcs mod. When trying to host the server I get issues with duplicate files and such. When I try to host the mod with the mod turned off then I am able to at least host the server, however none of the turtles or npcs are on the map. I must be installing the mods wrong or have the wrong ones. Any help on this matter would be great. Thanks.

Hi rwoltjer. Thanks for the interest in the world. I'm sure it's something easy that we can fix. I'll probably need more information or some screenshots. Could you make a post at the link below? We can a dialog going. Mods can sometimes be tricky. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/minecraft-teachers/world-building/m9ANCHmy8lQ

I cannot open the URL in the Training Area. Google Doc just spins and nothing opens.

We discussed this and it seems to be a Safari issue. Let us know if you figure out the problem! The link to the document is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_9SJ_Zu6OQSGY45Aovap_3-DDizTA9eDlCiroeiqVG8/edit?usp=sharing

There are no NPC to communicate with and no turtles. My first floor to where the NPC and turtles are supposed to be is not the same as the video. Why? What am I doing wrong?

The Land of Turtles requires several mods to work. CustomNPCs and ComputerCraftEdu are both obtainable from the MinecraftEdu launcher. I cannot see what you're seeing but if things look different it is either because you were viewing an outdated video or because you were not using MinecraftEdu 1.6.4 build 20. Please consider posting to the Google Group discussion thread (link above) if you would like help troubleshooting.

The markers on this map indicate players, mostly students, who have finished all of the puzzles at Sky Turtle Island! Great job! https://mapsengine.google.com/map/u/0/edit?authuser=0&hl=en&mid=zpQEHD3UDD8w.kMLQEd2SM0gg

Hi Mike, I'm a bit stuck do you have a contact I can ask you about some bits on? I can't seem to post in the forum. Thanks, Hannah


Want to try on 7.10 somethin' awful.

We're currently testing development builds of ComputerCraftEdu for 1.7.10. Once the mod is ready, I will release an updated world file.

In Sky Turtle Island is there no way for the students to get from challenge 4 to 5? I love the challenges, but at the end of 4 there is no instruction on where to go. Am I missing something?

Hi CM. When they finish challenge 4, they should find themselves in a tunnel made of diamond blocks. Proceed to the end in either direction and then down a long flight of stairs. You will eventually come to an NPC who will teach you about loops. Pass his quiz and you will be to start puzzle 5.

Hey Mike, is there any way to host this map on a linux server?

It shouldn't be any different than hosting any other MinecraftEdu map.

Hi Mike. Is it a natural progression to go from Faultline Island to Sky Turtle Island? As when I get off he island I find myself a bit stuck with what to do. Should they go exploring for the stairway up to it?

Hi Mr. Sharp. Faultline Island was just designed as a free-play area for kids who finish the intro quickly. The idea was that when the whole class was ready for Sky Turtle Island you could teleport them all there or enable it on a teleport block. I am currently about 80 hours into a remake of this map that will have a much clearer progression. It will also work with MinecraftEdu 1.7.10 and the new version of CCEdu.