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Freeze Tag

Ages 5-18+
Published by Langstone Junior  •  Posted 1714 days ago
The childhood game of running around and tapping each other, now in Minecraft
Social Studies > Citizenship - The game Tag in Minecraft
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Sethbling
World version: 1.1
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
Tags: game, tag, tap


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Taken from Sethbling's Freeze Tag world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LHIj4TbHag I have made it compatible with 1.6.4 MinecraftEdu.

One person is IT (RED) they have to freeze the other players in GREEN by taping them and freezing them in place and turning them BLUE. When all have been tapped a new person is IT.

Turn on night mode to make them hide in the dark.

There is a Staffroom for teachers to hit "Reset" and a "Make Another User IT" button to help speed the game 

Version 1.1 - Auto, full health on all players has been added to stop children being able to kill the person who is it. Tested on version Stable 20.

Feedback would be great.




For some reason it won't let students who are it tag each other. What do they need to do to be able to tag?

Download the zip file and add it manually to the map folder to get freezetag to work. Do not use the server launcher.

The students are not frozen when tag. Runs like a pvp survival game. I also had two students who did not lose health.

Download the zip file and add it manually to the map folder to get freezetag to work. Do not use the server launcher.

Sorry, have only just seen your comments. The game works: Once there are 2 or more students. One person will be assigned team IT which is RED. They are the ones that need to run around a TAG people Everyone else will start as GREEN and can be tagged by RED. Once tagged students will turn BLUE and should be locked in place (this doesn't work work if teacher) Only a GREEN can un-tag a BLUE Once all students are tagged the game will reset and choose someone else to be IT (RED) I have tried on 1.6.4 with 2 - 32 students and works very well. PVP needs to be turned on. Damage will be dealt but they will then be auto regenerated by the game. Because the game sets Friendly Fire on. The team members will not be able to deal damage to each others. Please can you let me know if you are still having any problems with the RED person TAGGING the GREEN and then the BLUE unfreezing. Jamie

We've tried to use this world twice and both times, it does not work. Players are not green or blue, they aren't able to tag or freeze anyone. Players just ran around killing each other because there was no way to freeze. Would like to know how to fix it? thanks!

Download the zip file and add it manually to the map folder to get freezetag to work. Do not use the server launcher.

We've also tried to get this game working numerous times and nothing has worked. The person IT is designated, but other students cannot be frozen. There are also no green names. I don't know what is going wrong. Please help. Thanks.

I figured out how to get this to work. You need to download the zip file and manually add it. Using the server launcher to download the file somehow stops the game from working correctly. Hope this helps.

Thanks FOA that is really useful and glad it works

How do you add a world manually once you have downloaded the zip file? Novice minecraft user and teacher here :)

Once you have the file, I unzipped it and extracted the whole Freezetag file. Open your server launcher and go to the top where it says open. Open your Maps Folder. Then open you SavedWorlds and add the whole Freezetag file there. To launch it, open your server launcher and select saved worlds. It will be there. I still had a couple issues, though it worked well enough. The players can unfreeze when hit by other players leaving the "IT" person it for a very long time. They don't appear to change color like it describes above. So I am not sure if I truly go it right.

Is it possible to choose, me as the teacher, which students will be "it". Also, can I make more than one student "it"?