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Island Challenge

Ages 7-14
Published by khuttner  •  Posted 1761 days ago
This scenario is a challenge that divides students into teams to build a bridge to transport two cows from one island to another.
Health > Community - Team Work Challenge
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Max Kassel
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.5.2
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: Team Work, Island Challenge, crafting


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This scenario is a stand alone lesson that helps students to build and work together to meet a challenge.  Please note that you might need to spawn additional cows as sometimes the cows decide to leave the island.  This scenario was designed by Max Kassel for our after-school program and our students loved it.  Students were able to do this challenge in less than an hour.  Be prepared for a lot of talking among teams!



This sounds like it was really fun. How many students was the world designed to hold, or how big of a class do you think could use this successfully?

I've played around with the world since last night. It definitely looks big enough for a regular class, but I didn't notice some unevenness between the teams. Due to the slight variations between islands, some groups do not have a way to get back onto their island if they fall off. Others are just low enough to allow for this. Some groups are slightly closer to their goal as well. I like the idea of the pressure plates being used to determine the winner, but it seems like the redstone circuits vary slightly for each team and only some of them work. I'd suggest getting a perfect copy and doing some copy/paste. I really like Max's idea for this challenge. Getting the students to work together right away is critical.

My seven Year 4-5 students really enjoyed this challenge. It was a great teamwork challenge. We did have cows and students falling off the island and needing help to get back on several times. One student managed to accidentally destroy a pressure plate, but it didn't matter with this small group. We just used two of the islands. Thanks for sharing this world with us.

Make sure teleport to spawn is selected in the player options. That way if they fall off they can teleport back.