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Fair Trade Rainforest Farm

Ages 7-12
Published by mwimpennys  •  Posted 1761 days ago
The world is set in a Rainforest clearing which has been cleared for a Fair Trade farm and the assignment is to re-establish the farm, get it up and running by harvesting and craft goods to sell to Fair Trade Foundation.and collect gold coins
Social Studies > Geography - Fair Trade, Rainforest, Farm, Economy
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Matthew Wimpenny - Smith and Peter Lay (HPSO)
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Adventure, Exploration
Tags: Teamwork, Fair Trade, Rainforests, Economy, trade, trading, Farming


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This map has been designed for the topic of rainforests and is a trading style game. Aimed at Years 5 to 6 (UK)

During the game the children will all play in the same map and work as a team harvesting wheat, sugar and cocoa beans and selling cakes, cookies, cocoa and bread to the various fair traders in the game. As the children play the game there are various information blocks that I have created with Rainforest facts and links to different websites. For example just outside the game play area I have built an area that is currently being deforested and the  info block tells the children about deforestation and how it’s effect the world’s Rainforests.

To make the game fun I have also hidden other things around the map for the children to find. For example there is an ancient ruined temple with a tribesman that they can talk to find more information about the Rainforest.



Is there a mod that goes with this world? I don't have any of the npc's in my world. thanks! My email is ggonday06@gmail.com if you need to email me

At least you will need the CustomNPC mod. It was working great for me. http://www.kodevelopment.nl/minecraft/customnpcs/downloads/ A very interesting map, but it would probably fit a smaller group of students. How many students were the intention? However one of the links were not working. The BBC link.

I opened in 1.7.10, I was missing the assignment, animals and some of the traders were "empty." Will re-download and open in 1.6.4 to see if things are still missing.

Hi there! Thanks so much for creating and sharing such a robust lesson experience. We're setting up to do it with five classes at the end of our unit (though I am a bit concerned my 20ish student classes will be too big for this world). I was wondering if you'd written or blogged about your experience using this world, or had any suggestions for introducing this to students: How to create a positive link between the deforestation problem and the space we need for farming and villages? Should students be allowed to clear jungle to increase their available farming area? The economic incentives are there like in the real world, but the environmental impacts of doing so aren't, so I am afraid to reinforce the wrong message. Some of my students may have a real impact on these issues in their home countries someday.