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Communities - an adaption of Ecosystems Junction

Ages 7-9
Published by khuttner  •  Posted 1778 days ago
This world is divided into 4 work areas - urban, 2 suburbs, and a rural area. Students work in teams to create a representation of what each type of community has and does not have. Each team has a designated area to work in.
Social Studies > Civics and Government - rural, suburb, urban communities
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: teachergaming, khuttner
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: Team Work, communities, urban, suburban, rural


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This activity was adapted from another world to incorporate a larger building space.  This lesson consisted of a minimum of six 1 hour sessions.  All students start at one spawn point in a tree house and follow paths that launch them into a contained work space.  We had about 3-5 students in the same work area.  Work areas are blocked off so that students need to stay in their designated community work space.

Day 1 - Research different communities and make a list of what they have and do not have.  This list will be revisted over the course of building.

Day 2 - Tutorial world.  It is important that all students know how to navigate and build before launching in to the small group project.

Day 3 - Launch the world and have students enter their specific area with the purpose of building an area to live.  Reinforce the different living situations and land issues in each type of community.

Day 4-6 - Meet with groups as they are building to revisit what their community should and should not have.  Assign one small team to start to join the communities.  Add animals after the community has been almost completed as well as the teacher should remove the border blocks as well as the launch structure so that the communities can be joined.



Do you have students play in creative mode with unlimited inventory?

For this scenario, yes. When we go towards play mode in the community then I switch it to Minecraft EDU.

Which areas are which? Which is the Rural/Urban/City areas?