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Obstacle Course

Ages 10-18+
Published by Mr. Stepping  •  Posted 1789 days ago
This map is an obstacle course for students to complete for fun or as a contest. It uses archery, a maze, platform jumping, redstone pistons, boat navigation, ladder jumping, and arrow dodging.
Technology > Computer Skills - student challenge
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Brian Stepping
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: obstacle course, for fun, contest, challenge, wipeout


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maximum number of students:

12 for stage 1, unlimited for all other stages.


Stage 1: Students must enter one of the booths with a chest. They take out a bow, arrows, and a boat. When the instructor says go, students are to fire arrows at a minecart 51 blocks away. Shooting the minecart destroys it, causing it to fall into the hopper beneath. This sets off a redstone comparator that triggers their door to open. From here, students run up stairs to a bridge that takes them to stage 2.

Stage 2: Students must navigate through a maze. Instructor may choose to display aerial image of maze on wall/smart board to make map more skill based.

Stage 3: Students must climb a ladder and jump across platforms to reach Stage 4. Students who fall off a platform must swim back to the beginning. This stage is pretty easy.

Stage 4: Students must  climb up a waterfall. A simple task for those who have done it before.

Stage 5: Students must jump across platforms attached to sticky pistons oscillating up and down.

Stage 6: Students must make their way across a platform with pistons oscillating across the surface.

Stage 7: Students put their boat in the water and navigate through the stone-lined waterway. Going too fast will cause a boat to break and student will have to swim the rest of the way (slower than boat travel). Very tricky level.

Stage 8: Students run down a corridor and climb up a very high ladder to a small platform. From here, students must jump across walls with ladders on them.

Stage 9: Students enter a room with a narrow walkway. When the first student enters, a pressure plate is activated, triggering numerous dispensers loaded with arrows. Students must cross the room without being knocked off the platform by an arrow.

Stage 10: Students are faced with a very challenging platform jumping course.

End: Students enter a room with a sign telling them to type a message (current upload says to type "I am the Minecraft skills champion!" This is easily changeable.


Setup instructions:
1. Open the server and join as well so you can supervise and possibly teleport students if needed.

2. Set gamemode to Survival and difficulty to Peaceful. This is necessary for the arrows to work in stage 9. Peaceful mode will prevent students from dying.

3. Make sure student building is disabled. Otherwise, students will be able to destroy walls and obstacles. The minecarts are on top of build allow blocks, so shooting them will still break them.

4. Make sure the in-game chat is enabled if you will use that for the final stage.

5. Check the piston stages to make sure they are running. Sometimes, the circuits stop cycling. If they do this, just take away an activated spot of redstone dust and replace it. This should reactivate the circuit.

6. Instruct students on how to start, making sure they take their boats with them.

7. Tell them to start and enjoy the contest!

8. Do not save the world. This will cause the pressure plate to save as activated and your arrow room will start firing right away and you may have to refill the dispensers. As is, the dispensers are full and the plate is ready to be activated. If you make changes to the world, do so before activating the pressure plate, then save before starting a group.

Time needed:

Depends on skill level of students. Most experienced middle school players will need 10-20 minutes. Some would take hours without teleportation help.


Prior knowledge required:

Students need to know how to fire a bow and arrow, climb a waterfall, drive a boat, sprint, and chat. Instructor needs to be able to work with redstone circuits.

This map is basically cheatproof with the exception of stage 1. I am working on a door to lock students in their stalls so they cannot exit theirs and go through another stall that a student already opened.

I would love suggestions for additional stages or improvements to these! General comments and questions are welcome as well.

Video walkthrough coming soon



I really do like this map it is really cool

This was a very challenging map. Most of it worked the way it was supposed to and kept the kids going for a very long time. I had to transport a bunch after they died or got stuck, or got stuck for too long in one place. I did not know enough about redstone to be able to fix or change any of the circuits. At one point the pistons broke and so I had to remove them so the students could go onward. Overall though they learned a lot about the controls.

I have noticed myself that many students get very frustrated with the difficulty of some stages. I'll address your comments item by item: Dying/getting stuck: students shouldn't be dying, make sure you set the difficulty to peaceful. That way health will regenerate, even after falling or being hit by arrows. Let me know where they're getting stuck so I can fix that part of the map. Pistons: I have noticed some issues with pistons working, mainly them getting stuck or becoming invisible. Replacing them with new ones will fix the invisibility, and simply mining and replacing an active tile of redstone will restart the circuits. Difficulty: To make the course easier, you need to do a few things. On platform jumping sections, simply make the platforms larger. For pistons and arrows, right-click on the repeaters (look up redstone repeater in the minecraft wiki for more info on how to use these) to slow down the rate of the pistons. This also works in the arrow room. Hope that helps!

Just wondering if anyone has used this recently - I'd love to run it on the current MinecraftEDU build (1.7) and wanted to know if it worked well with that version. Thanks!

IHeartEdTech - I just uploaded a modified version of this map. It works with 1.7.10. I think the original map will work OK with 1.7.10, but I'm not sure. Try them both!

I used this in an enrichment class when we had a substitute teacher - here is a review a student wrote about the course. I am not leaving stars as I wasn't here when the lesson was done, but the student's perspective was helpful for me as I pick out lessons they can do without me there. :) ----------------- Last week in class we did a obstacle course in class. The general thoughts were that it got a 3/5 or lower. Some of the main problems are as follows: First the main part of the map was parkour, which is punishing for new players. Next, people would take everything out of a chest even if there are 2 distinct sets of items. Then, The was the fact that the map was unfinished. There were walls you could jump over to get out of the map. Also, in ne part of the map there was a area that was impassable if you don't know the double wall jump glitch(break onto a block, jump n that block for the fraction of a second before it came back due to protections then hold forward and jump again) Lastly and most importantly there was nothing to learn from the map(other than a few minecraft mechanics). For experienced players it was an interesting challenge, but for new players it was hard or just plain impossible and many simply gave up. I personally enjoyed the challenge but I think that the class as a whole did not. it was an interesting concept but not executed well.

I am new to Minecraft and Minecraft.edu and am using it as an after school enrichment program. How do the students see what they are shooting in the first stage? The minecart in the distance is visually blocked by the stairs. During a practice run I had to fly (as the teacher) to see what I was shooting at and then when I thought I hit the target and it was destroyed and there was nothing left to "fall into the hopper". Please help me through this stage. Thank you.