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Ages 7-12
Published by DevinKing  •  Posted 1793 days ago
There's a fossil buried in this region! Start digging to uncover the fossil and try to determine what kind of dinosaur it is. Be careful - as palaeontologists, we need to ensure that the fossil remains intact.
Science > Earth Science - Dinosaurs, fossils, paleontology
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Devin King, Richard Roberts, Tala Gammon, planetminecraft.com user Ironscale
World version: 1.2
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Exploration
Tags: Cooperation, Problem solving


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This world is a world meant to supplement existing classroom teaching involving dinosaurs. It is an exploration-based world with little instruction for students; simply, they should begin digging to uncover the fossil.

Before the dig, teachers should consider what questions they want to ask during the student exploration of the site. The teacher may wish to pause the dig on several occaisions to probe for inquiry-based responses from students.




Love this Idea! I used to take students to a local park where many Native American artifacts were buried. Students learn from the Park docents how to set up an archaeological dig, how to dig and how to record their findings. They no longer do this but it such an activities has so many ties beyond earth sciences/history, etc.

This is a really neat idea! I was previewing this to use for my Minecraft club. It seems that the fossil is very large and deep down. Two questions I have are: 1. Are the students allowed to use tools? Especially a shovel and some torches. 2. If they are allowed to use tools, how will they make them? I did not see any trees or other items to be able to craft any tools. If they just use their hands, won't the dig take a really long time?

Great questions! My intent for this was to give students the pickaxe and torches upon entry into the world. You're right about the size of the thing; unfortunately, that was the schematic I liked the best, but it's not a realistic size for a T-Rex. It would take some time, you're right. Does that make sense?

Duh! I didn't even think about that when I went into the world. I was checking it out as a student. Very cool.

Looks great - I'm about to use it to test if our server can handle 25 kids on it whilst,at the same time, using it as a bit of a fun team-building activity. As it's all mud that needs to be dug, I'd suggest giving each child a diamond shovel (not pickaxe), a stack of torches and a stack of ladders (getting in and out could be hard). This seems better than putting the children on creative where it would just be way too easy to break the fossil (plus a diamond shovel seems to dig almost as fast as creative mode. At the end of the lesson I do intend to put them all in creative mode so they can fly up and see the whole thing.

Hi there - we can't seem to find the dig site?? going round and round in circles.... any clues? perhaps we're doing it wrong.... our class is a bit new to it all. Any help much appreciated.

senior1 - did you ever find the dig site? My kids are digging but haven't found anything yet...any landmarks?

How do we get inside the fenced in area?

Didn't enjoy this one. The kids have spent two hours and found nothing. Maybe a marker to get them started. Also some kids are on one side of the fence with other kids on the other side. We can't figure out how this is happening.