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El Camino

Ages 10-12
Published by ezaich  •  Posted 1797 days ago
Take students on an adventure building improved California Missions along El Camino. From Jungle areas to Desert Lands, students must figure out how to leverage resources, work together, and successfully build a Mission.
Social Studies > History - el camino, missions, california
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Erin Zaich
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: Partner Work, collaboration, Building


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Mission Redesign Project

    Students will imagine they have the ability to travel back to the mid 1700s in early California. Students will be architects presented with the task to design a mission to help Spain secure land in Alta California. Like all successful architects, students have already started their background research.  They were able to read about past missions and analyze the positive and negative aspects of these communities. They will use their research to redesign the mission so that their new mission highlights the positive aspects and finds new solutions to the negative aspects of the past missions

Redesign Process:

  1. Research a current mission in California using the websites, articles, and books provided in class.

  2. Design teams will meet (partners) to discuss what areas of the mission they want to focus on and redesign. Design teams will create a hand drawn blueprint of their “redesigned” mission.  They will be required to write justifications for each change they made.

  3. The new, redesigned missions will then be created in Minecraft.edu. Each design team will have a specific plot of land on which to build their mission along a virtual “El Camino Real.” All plots of land will be in different locations. Architects will have to creatively use the resources around them to build their mission.  



Erin! I am so thrilled by this. You clearly put a lot of work in, and your materials are very thorough. I can imagine a time when every 4th grader in California will build a Minecraft mission, and you'll be hailed as a pioneer in making it a reality.

Hi there! I am not able to download. Is this still working?