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Group Building Areas

Ages 5-18+
Published by GentlemanG  •  Posted 1838 days ago
A central observation platform that branches out into 10 separate work areas, students can work in designated spaces without interference from other groups. Perfect for any kind of group projects. A very flexible map.
Social Studies > Citizenship - General Use, Group Building Projects
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: TeacherGaming
World version:
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Mission Based, Observation
Tags: Team Work, Building, Competition


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Quick flythrough of the world starts at 14:45

Designed for multiple simultaneous projects overseen by an instructor, this world is perfect for group or solo activities. Each section is small enough that a single student could navigate it quickly, yet large enough that groups of ten could fit nicely into each section and have space to maneuver and construct. Each section is bordered with a fence that limits player movement to the designated area, allowing participants to focus on their projects without interference from other groups. Beyond the fence is an expansive world to explore. Sections feature topography unique to the nearby ecosystems, resulting in differentiated sections that each have access to basic building and challenge materials such as a source of water.


Activity Ideas:

Divide participants into groups and provide each group with a section for group work. For groups of ten or less participants, designate a section for each individual.

Identify the unique characteristics of each ecosystem that dominates the 10 sections. What differentiates each section from the others? Where do we see a shift from one ecosystem to another and what gives us a hint that they are changing?

Challenge participant groups to utilize the affordances of the nearby ecosystem in their construction. How might a building near the ocean differ from one built in swamplands or near a mountain lagoon?

At varied stages of work, for example when projects are in working form or complete, consider returning students to the spawn zone to allow them to explore the other sections to compare projects.



This is a great idea for a map and a great way to separate students at the start to have them build their own creations while still observing others. The only problem I have is that when you dig down through the bottom you are spawned back at the start. There doesn't seem to be bedrock that stops the students. This means they can just dig down to re-spawn and go to another persons area.

Thank you for sharing this world! It works perfectly for what we are doing in our Minecraft after school club. The only thing is I'm having issues with connection for some of my computers. 6 of my students have no issue connecting, but for some reason when anyone else tries to sign on, I get a "Connection Lost" message that reads: Mod rejections [FMLMod:Backpack{2.0.0}, FMLMod:animal bikes{1.7.10}, FMLMod:customnpcs{1.7.10b}] Any suggestions? I've tried to connect to 4 other computers, and have the same error message with all of them.