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Basics of Motion

Ages 10-14
Published by Matt Coia  •  Posted 1850 days ago
Students will use three different tasks to calculate speed or components of speed. They will use the mechanics of the game to experience varying situations with moving objects.
Science > Physics - Speed, Motion
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Created by: Matt Coia
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Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4


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Students enter the world and then move into one of three stations with different tasks that will require them to calculate the speed of objects. After each task they will return to the starting point and pick a different task. The activity will continue until all tasks are completed. The three tasks are:

1. Measure your character's running speed.

2. Measure the distance a minecart travels based on its time traveled.

3. Measure the difference is falling speed between a cow and a chicken.

A companion question sheet is provided so students can demonstrate the knowledge gained. Upon completion of the tasks, there is also an optional free build area within the map but students will have to navigate through spiderwebs to find it. This activity is suggested to be used as reinforcement or review as students would be expected to know and understand speed equations before use.