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Animal Cell Tour 1.6.4

Ages 14-16
Published by EduElfie  •  Posted 1888 days ago
A virtual tour of an animal cell for 1.6.4.
Science > Biology - Cells
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Elfie
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Exploration, Observation


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This world allows students to walk through and explore an animal cell.This version has text about each organelle in information blocks and a supporting booklet for students to complete as they explore, you may want to edit the booklet to suit your purposes. It also has a custom texture pack, so make sure that custom server textures are allowed. NOTE: This map is compatible with 1.6.4, if you want the 1.5.1 version please download that one.



Observation decks are missing, sometimes allowing students to fall completely through. I'm running 1.6.4. Love the model, though!

The decks are not missing, they are textured to be invisible and not take away from the experience. Students should not be able to fall through them, they are quite secure. The only way for students to leave one observation deck to another is to use the teleport blocks.

Hi-Would you be willing to share the "handout" that the students fill out along the way? If so, please share it with jsh@oregonsd.net Thank you!! I really want to try this with our 7th graders and would love to try it with a small group this summer. Thanks again!

I thought I had already shared it here..... I will track it down, make sure it is correct and link it in the resources section here.

trying to load this world using Minecraftedu 1.7.10 build 20, is there is reason why it wouldn't be working properly. Either get a java time out or it loads a random world.

The java time out is not a map error, that is an error in the network traffic, or perhaps the server is not actually running correctly. So if that continues, you might want to ask for support on the google group, or the chat support. If it is loading a random world, chances are your directory structure is not correct, you can either download using the launcher, or if you are finding that is not working properly, you could manually download and put the world folder into the /minecraftedu/servertool/worlds/savedworlds folder. The worlds need to be in their own directory, but not doubled up, so you want /minecraftedu/servertool/worlds/savedworlds/WORLDNAME/files, not /minecraftedu/servertool/worlds/savedworlds/WORLDNAME/WORLDNAME/files

Thank you, was the later of the two problems, doubled up of folders in the directory. Fantastic world, great for our current yr8 science unit.