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Ages 10-18+
Published by MinecraftTeachr  •  Posted 1891 days ago
This is a world designed for using the qCraft mod, in which students explore three fundamental principles of quantum physics: Observational Dependency, Superposition, and Entanglement
Science > Physics - Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: E-Line Media, TeacherGaming
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4, 1.7.10
World Type: Exploration, Puzzle

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  • qcraft


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qCraft Curriculum Map: To help bring qCraft into the classroom, the team at TeacherGaming, E-Line Media and CalTech have designed a freely-available curriculum and Minecraft maps for use with MinecraftEdu. The curriculum is intended as an introduction to quantum physics and computing concepts and is suitable for use in Middle School classrooms and above. The material aligns with a number of the Common Core Anchor Standards for grades 6-8. Each of the three included lessons is approximately 60 minutes long.

Download the Teacher's Guide

• One computer per student
• A projector or other way to play videos for the class
Watch an introductory video HERE!

Each lessons explores one of three basic principles of quantum physics:

  • Observational Dependency - Some of the earliest experiments that lead to modern quantum physics showed a surprising result: observing certain things on the subatomic level (like photons) actually caused them to have different properties. In the Minecraft world, you could think about this as a block that, when you look at it from the west, is stone but when you look at it from the south it is a pumpkin.
  • Superposition - Quantum systems exhibit superposition: they exist in all of their possible states at the same time until they are observed. Imagine placing a block in the Minecraft world that could be either a block of stone or a pumpkin. If no player was observing that block, it would exist in a superposition of stone and pumpkin. As soon as it was observed, it would become either a block of stone or a pumpkin.
  • Entanglement - Quantum entanglement refers to fact that pairs or groups of particles created together can have a special relationship to each other: their states are correlated (that doesn't mean that they have to be the same, just that they are related to each other). Experiments have demonstrated entangled behavior many times and shown that the entangled particles ‘sync up’ their quantum states instantly, no matter how far apart they are. That’s a little surprising because the particles are exchanging information faster than the speed of light, and nothing is supposed to go faster than the speed of light. In Minecraft terms, this is like having an entangled pair of our superposition stone/pumpkin blocks and placing them on opposite sides of the map. As soon as one of them is observed -- let’s say it becomes a pumpkin -- we observe it's entangled counterpart and find that it, too, is a pumpkin.
    Scientists are actively researching entanglement and some belive it could lead to breakthroughs in computing and even quantum teleportation...


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