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Decimal Triathlon

Ages 10-12
Published by MisterA  •  Posted 1896 days ago
This map is a math adventure. Students will spawn at the starting area of a triathlon event. Within the event students will swim, ride pigs, and race boats to get to the finish line. Are you up for participating in the triathlon?
Math > Numeracy and Operations - Decimals (Multiplication)
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Shane Asselstine
World version: 2.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Adventure, Mission Based

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • customnpcs

Required Additional Mods

You need to obtain these mods yourself


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  • This map works with 1.6.4 build 6
  • This maps plays best in MCEdu mode with night enabled.
  • Remind students that they should calculate the answer before they enter the EC Answer System Room
  • If a students gets the answer correct, they will get food as a reward, if it is incorrect they will get rotten flesh.
  • It incorporates the use of the scoreboard system and will track correct and answered data for each student.

Skills/Standards: 6.NS.2
Fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals using the standard algorithm for each operation.

ITSE Standard 2 - Communication and Collaboration
Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

ITSE Standard 5 - Digital Citizenship
Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior Teacher



Our 6th grade math students played this on our last day of school. Swimming, riding pigs, racing down the rapids and fireworks at the end. What a great finish to the end of a school year! The students loved this world.

Hey MisterA, We are using this level for a Minecraftedu tournament at our library. I was wondering where the journal entries go once they are dropped in the final chest. Do they teleport somewhere? -Matt

Hey Matt, They are in a secret chest. You can access it from behind the building as a teacher. Look for the two trapped doors, open themm and see the chest. This prevent students from messing with the books.