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Escape from Everest

All Ages
Published by MinecraftTeachr  •  Posted 1897 days ago
Players must discover what has happened to the Earth after being asleep for 200 years. They must work together to balance environmental concerns with the demands of technological progress.
Science > Ecosystems - Conservation and Balance
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Joel Levin
World version: MARCH2013
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4
World Type: Adventure, Exploration, Mission Based, Story
Tags: Team Work, Exploration, Investigation


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Escape from Everest Play Session

Players must discover what has happened to the Earth after being asleep for 200 years. They must work together to balance environmental concerns with the demands of technological progress. Players wake up in a bunker beneath the summit of Mt. Everest, which they soon discover is the only spot of dry land left on the planet. The ice caps have melted and raised sea levels, devastating all life on the planet.

Players learn that they have multiple goals. First, they must "re-green" the earth, but cultivating new trees on the surface. They also must produce large amounts of iron in order to build a Signal Rocket and contact other humans who are living in space. However, these goals are in conflict. There is no coal in the world to smelt the iron, thus they must cut down and use some of the very trees they are trying to grow to burn as fuel. This sets up a social and technological tension which must be navigated.

A balance must be negotiated. There are also several side goals and hidden chests to find. There are activities for many types of players and multiple ways to contribute...

Please note that in the current version of the map, there is no automation to detect when the challenge has been completed, launch the rocket, or anything fancy like that.  "Winning" the map should be handled in the classroom.  (I suggest a pizza party!)  When I've used the map, myself, I made counting the trees and confirming the completion of the rocket as part of the challenge.



This is really great! I have to ask...does anything happen when you reach the goals? I have been previewing the challenge and I am loving it! I will be introducing it to my club in a few weeks as a two day challenge. My students will undoubtedly ask if the rocket really takes off. If I haven't gotten all the goals completed, I am really close (all glowstone and iron blocks done).

Sorry I'm replying to this 86 days late! But for the record: Sadly right now, there is no way to automate the "win conditions" of the game and make a more satisfying conclusion (although there might be some more options in upcoming patches). This should probably be stated more explicitly in the notes. When I've used the map, myself, I employed some of the built-in WorldEdit features to set off some fireworks, remove the rocket, and then have a UFO-type craft appear in the sky. But that required a fair amount of advance knowledge and planning.

Hi, When I start this on my server and try to enter as a teacher I have to put in a password?? I cannot see a password in your description?? Am I missing something?

Hi Ryan! The teacher password is something you set yourself the first time you launch a MinecraftEdu server. If you can't remember what you used, you can reset the password on the server itself. Run the server and check under "Settings" and press "Change server teacher password".

We have been working on this at school over the last week and it has been amazing! The students are developing their key competencies and problem solving skills. For a "survivor" experience I set the world on survival mode and enables PVP. The students have to try to complete the mission and make sure they have enough food to eat and that they don't hit each other with pick axes... Some interesting social groups have formed and conflicts have popped up. We had a class meeting and they all agreed that cooperation not conflict is the answer!

Thank you, Joel for creating this world! My students and I just had an awesome time playing in it!!! It really requires thinking and cooperation skills!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Thanks so much for sharing! I am going to use this with my 6th 7th grade tech class in a few weeks. I love the concept. I have a few quick questions. How long do students typically spend on this challenge? and How many trees do you think they will need to "re-green" the earth? I am super excited about this so thanks again for sharing!

Thanks for trying it out! I have spend 4 45-minute class periods with a group of 3rd graders. And I once had a group of high schoolers finish it in about 1.5 periods. If I remember correctly, there are instructions to be discovered in the game world that hint that 100 trees must be planted. But just to be clear, there is no in-game method to count the trees and/or test if the rocket is completed. Students being about to track/assess their own progress is part of the challenge!

My students loved the world! This was our first time in a downloaded world and it was a great experience. We used it as part of our Sharing the Planet PYP unit since it set up a conflict between the environment and modern technology. Thanks for creating!

So glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping to somehow make the rocket actually launch one day...

It keeps saying that I have missing blocks when I load the world. I have a standard install of MinecraftEdu running on a Mac. Do I need to add any resource packs?

The map was made with older versions of Minecraft. But it should still load and work just fine, despite the warning. Let me know if you encounter problems while playing. ~Joel

When I uploaded the map manually, I can select it in singleplayer mode without a problem BUT I don't spawn in the correct place to play the game/complete the challenges and I am stuck in spectator mode. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you offer any advice or direct me to a resource that can help me troubleshoot? Thank you!