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Missions of California

Ages 7-12
Published by EELaw  •  Posted 1008 days ago
Follow the path of the Franciscan Priests along El Camino Real up the California Coast and build a mission! Also find some interesting facts about each of the 21 missions at the California Mission Center.
Social Studies > History - California Missions, build areas
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: E. Law
World version: 1.2.6
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Exploration, Mission Based
Tags: Social studies, missions, Building, Team Work, collaboration, 4th grade

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

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  • computercraft
  • customnpcs
  • qcraft


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Follow the path of the Franciscan Priests along El Camino Real up the California Coast and build a mission!  Also find some interesting facts about each of the 21 missions at the California Mission Center.

Inspired by ezaich's "El Camino" map and Shay Kornfield & Hotrod53's "4th grade California Missions" and "21 California Missions" maps, I decided to make a scale California coast with areas for building missions. The map is designed for students to be able to work in pairs or groups to re-create the California Missions. 

All students start out at the "California Mission Center" a building with some information on each of the 21 missions (a handful of facts for now... I may add more information in future versions); as well as a teleporter to the 21 mission sites.  Mission sites each have a Mission Bell marking the build area and the El Camino (and alternate walking routes) have signs allowing students to walk from mission to mission.  While the map is scaled down, it is still pretty big, so be warned, walking takes a while.

While there is a tiny bit of information about the missions at the Mission Center, the build portion of the map requires prior knowledge and outside sources.  I generally use the website, "California Mission Resource Center" (www.missionscalifornia.com) for images and information (Thank you David J. Mclaughlin for your great website).  The California Mission Resource Center has a pretty good collection of images and often includes some layout or site map of the missions.  I highly suggest that students research and plan their build with paper and pencil prior to beginning the project.  Project/build times will vary depending on authenticity and student skill levels with Minecraft.

The in-game Mission Center (and the teleporters/mission bells) are protected by the convenient Minecraftedu "build disallow blocks" and the entire map is surrounded by the "border blocks", preventing students from straying to far from the build areas.  The map is built with no resource blocks underground (iron, gold, coal, etc), and is intended to be used in Creative mode.

Mods Used: Custom NPCs, QCraft, ComputerCraft (not used, but was loaded when map was designed)

The bulk of the map was created in World Painter (by Pepsoft.org)



California Social Studies

4.2.3. Describe the Spanish exploration and colonization of California, including the relationships among soldiers, missionaries, and Indians (e.g., Juan Crespi, Junipero Serra, Gaspar de Portola).

4.2.4. Describe the mapping of, geographic basis of, and economic factors in the placement and function of the Spanish missions; and understand how the mission system expanded the influence of Spain and Catholicism throughout New Spain and Latin America.

4.2.5. Describe the daily lives of the people, native and nonnative, who occupied the presidios, missions, ranchos, and pueblos.

4.2.6. Discuss the role of the Franciscans in changing the economy of California from a hunter- gatherer economy to an agricultural economy.