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Zaniac Boy Scout Challenge

Ages 10-14
Published by Riley  •  Posted 1031 days ago
An incomplete world for Zaniac Campuses across the US to use as a Boy Scouts challenge to host them at the campus for an activity.
Science > Earth Science - survival, boy scouts, challenge, zaniac
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Riley Engels, Lindsey Yocum, Zaniac Santa Monica
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • buildcraft
  • computercraft
  • computercraftedu


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forest world in which boy scouts are supposed to camp, find a water source, survive, and complete different challenges throughout the activity