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XP Supply Store

Ages 7-12
Published by MichaelMisha  •  Posted 1039 days ago
This super flat world starts with a supply store that uses command blocks to vend essential crafting ingredients to students in exchange for XP levels.
Technology > Computer Science - Multipurpose
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Michael Misha
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
Tags: Multipurpose

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • bibliocraft
  • computercraftedu
  • customnpcs


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  • World type: Super Flat
  • Recommended Mode: Survival
  • Recommended Setting: Students Can Build
  • Purpose: The supply store in this multipurpose world enables students to keep themselves well-supplied with essential crafting ingredients, rather than needing the teacher to put them in creative mode or needing the teacher to continually manually refill their supplies/chests. Students *love* "shopping" and crafting their own materials from the ingredients provided, and they *love* being in survival mode.
  • You can use XP awards as part of a token economy in which you award XP levels when students exhibit desirable behaviors, and then when in this world, you would manually give students the XP levels they earned. Along similar lines, you could use this world to assign projects with budgets, in which case you would just *give* students an amount of 'money' that is sufficient for the project you assign them. Alternatively, you can allow students to earn XP in-game by introducing survival elements (farming, monsters, and so forth).


  • Note: The store is protected by Build Disallow Blocks under the foundation.
  • Note: Command blocks are underneath the store floor and linked to pressure plates. Feel welcome to modify the ingredients in the store to fit your needs.
  • Note: Time is locked at approximately 6 p.m. so students can easily see which direction is west and can infer the other directions.
  • Note: There are no blocks from Custom NPCs, Bibliocraft, or ComputerCraftEdu mods, but they were active when I created the world. If you open the world in a new environment, as long as you have MinecraftEdu, you will have all the blocks you need.


Changing Inventory and/or Prices

  • To modify the inventory sold by any vending machine, right-click on the command block touching the chiseled quartz. Then replace the block id number (and possibly the data value). For example, if the command currently reads "/give @p[lm=1] 0335 1" you need to change the 0335 to the block id number you want.
  • To change the price, you must right-click *both* command blocks. Then change the number that follows "lm" and "xp" to the number of levels you want the item to cost. You should make the number in both blocks the same. The first one checks that the nearest player (the one standing on the pressure plate in the store above) has enough "money" to pay. The second one takes the "money." For example, the command "/give @p[lm=1] 0003 64" checks to see if the player has at least 1 level before vending the item. To change the price to 5 levels, the command would read "/give @p[lm=5] 0003 64." The command "/xp -1l @p" takes one level from the player. To change the price to 5 levels, the command would read "/xp -5l @p."


  • Thanks in advance for any feedback/tips you might provide!