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Ages 5-18+
Published by Michael Hobson  •  Posted 1098 days ago
Teleport stations send student groups to far-flung areas of the map to build without griefing others. Command block redstone circuit removes distracting items (bow, tnt) & potion effects (invisibility) every second.
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Michael Hobson
World version: 1.2.1
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: stations, template, SuperFlat


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*** NOW UPDATED with teleporting command blocks in order to work with regular Minecraft.  To activate them, place pressure plates on obsidian blocks at spawn.

Start out with fewer distractions!  Tested against multiple groups of mischievous students, this blank superflat world has 24 stations for building.  From the central hub, a teleport block sends students to areas 10,000 blocks away from all other groups.  Once there, students can't reach other groups or teleport back to spawn, so they can focus on their build projects.  Each station has a home base with a north-pointing tower, and corner blocks of different colors to help students orient themselves, since it's easy to get lost in a superflat world.

Spawn is at coordinates (0 27 0), and the 24 build stations are arranged in a regular 10,000-block grid around spawn, from top left (-20000 27 20000) to bottom right (20000 27 -20000).

Beneath spawn, a redstone circuit of command blocks automatically removes potion effects (such as invisibility) and distracting items (bow, tnt, snowballs, fireworks) every second.  Command blocks are grouped in categories so the teacher easily can disable a set of commands by rerouting the redstone.

Build disallow blocks beneath spawn, and in a small radius around each build station, prevent students from modifying the basic template.


Thanks to @GinaSartor1 for suggesting that students place Home blocks to prevent them from digging down to void, then reappearing at spawn and teleporting to other build stations.

Tweet your suggestions or questions to @360learners.  Hope this helps!


Here are the categories of command blocks used to prevent distractions.  These are posted in-world on a sign hung on the side of each command block in the redstone circuit room beneath spawn.

/effect @a clear     (stops invisibility)
/clear @a command_block     (prevents hacking)
/clear @a command_block_minecart
/clear @a tnt


/clear @a fire_charge
/clear @a experience_bottle     (often used to annoy other players)
/clear @a egg
/clear @a snowball
/clear @a ender_pearl
/clear @a pumpkin
/clear @a lit_pumpkin     (prevents creation of golems)


Weapons     (a distraction even with PVP turned off)
/clear @a bow
/clear @a diamond_sword
/clear @a iron_sword
/clear @a stone_sword
/clear @a wooden_sword
/clear @a golden_sword


/clear @a fireworks
/clear @a fireworks_charge


Rails  (bypassed when template world downloaded)
/clear @a rail
/clear @a golden_rail
/clear @a detector_rail
/clear @a activator_rail


/clear @a minecart
/clear @a chest_minecart
/clear @a furnace_minecart
/clear @a tnt_minecart
/clear @a hopper_minecart


Here are the build station coordinates.  These are provided in-world on signs posted on a wall in the redstone circuit room beneath spawn.

1:  -20000 27 20000
2:  -10000 27 20000
3:  0 27 20000
4:  10000 27 20000
5:  20000 27 20000
6:  -20000 27 10000
7:  -10000 27 10000
8:  0 27 10000
9:  10000 27 10000
10:  20000 27 10000
11:  -20000 27 0
12:  -10000 27 0
13:  10000 27 0
14:  20000 27 0
15:  -20000 27 -10000
16:  -10000 27 -10000
17:  0 27 -10000
18:  10000 27 -10000
19:  20000 27 -10000
20:  -20000 27 -20000
21:  -10000 27 -20000
22:  0 27 -20000
23:  10000 27 -20000
24:  20000 27 -20000