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Published by SteveO  •  Posted 1175 days ago
Students use this math world to practice new math concepts, a place to review before assessments, or practice programming turtles.
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Steve Ouchi
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure, Exploration, Mission Based
Tags: turtles, Parkour, Horse, Practice Arena, Iron Bowl, Team Work

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  • computercraftedu


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At Tesseract we created a math world that allows our students to go in and practice their math concepts.  

  • We have a horse track and an arena where we place math questions in the info blocks for students to complete.  
  • In "The Claw" we have a water parkour area with water, a maze, and an open area to build something new.  We are currently playing with a tree house parkour idea.  
  • There is also a workspace area where students can practice their math in an individual area.  
  • Our Iron Bowl are two stadiums where students divide into teams, we spawn an Iron Golem, and they try to knock it into the lava.  Think Minecraft soccer.  
  • Our Turtle Arena has three areas.  
    • One where students can learn how to use the turtle and explore in an open space.  
    • Another area is made specifically where a shape is built and the students program their turtles in their workspace to recreate that shape.  
    • The last is an individual workspace where students progress through 7 different areas practicing their turtle skills such as turning on lamps, creating a bridge, navigating a maze, and recreating a structure in the final space that the teacher chooses to create(on the bedrock).  Build your structure in th last space that you want students to recreate.
  • There is a cake making area that we use to practice multiplication facts with the ingredients.  
  • Our last area was designed by one of our students to practice multiplication facts.  Students stand in one of the stalls and use a turtle to move up and down to the answer after the math fact is asked(we have the multiplication facts for 6,7,8,and 9 shown but it can be modified for anything).  
  • There is also a lot of room to add more ideas that meet the needs of your class.  We are thinking of adding a graphing area and a farm in the future.

We give a lot of credit to Shane Asselstine's contributions to Minecraft EDU for inspring our Math World and showing us how to incorporate Minecraft into math.  


Any math standards you are working on.



This map is amazing ...thank you! One question though, I am using the Turtle area (the 7 challenges.) How do I move the turtle from one section to another, I keep getting an error of can't enter a protected area! Thanks

I normally will break their turtle when they have completed each challenge for them. I want to watch to see if they wrote the write program correctly and it runs plus it prevents them from just moving their turtle around. Each section has turtle border blocks so they have to carry their turtle into the next area after I break it. I place a diamond block on the section they pass for my students. They seem to like being able to earn something for their work.

Ahh ok....thank you!