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Mailbox World

Ages 7-9
Published by Richard Clarke  •  Posted 1192 days ago
Students are given a plot of land to build a house, but their supplies are wrong! Each plot only has one type of building supply, so students must work together to share their items by shipping them through the mail service.
Technology > Computer Skills - email skills
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Richard Clarke
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Puzzle
Tags: Team Work, Aesthetic Appreciation

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • customnpcs


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Welcome to Rob-Co’s happy housing nature outpost.  As part of your participation in the Rob-Co Mailbot 6000 trials, Rob-Co has provided you with a plot of land and all the supplies you need to establish a nice house.  Unfortunately, the Rob-CO Mailbot 6000’s appear to have made a miscalculation with their delivery, and instead of spreading the housing materials out amongst each plot, they’ve placed every instance of an item into a single plot.  You and your fellow workers are going to have to get into those plots and work together to share the items. 

Best of luck, employee.

Please see the accompanying teacher's guide for instructions on using this world.

Time: 90 Minutes


This world was designed with the following TSW's in mind:

The Student Will demonstrate effective use of communication tools, for example email, including addressing, organization, searching, deleting, and how to deal with spam.

TSW demonstrate the ability to compose at the keyboard.

TSW communicate digitally with others by selecting and using a variety of appropriate communication tools.

TSW identify and discuss when and when not to provide personal information in online communication.

Also, the following TSW's might be met, depending on how the teacher uses the program in general.

TSW explain how places in cyberspace are identified, accessed and exited appropriately, including account use and passwords.




I love this idea but when I download this world, there are no mailboxes. Do I need to add them myself with the mods you mention or are they missing for some other reason? I have no idea how to do mods but I really love this idea and want to make it work!

Hello tchurchill, every plot of land has a mailbox outside of it, as well as a robot mailman within the plot. The second world image has a clear shot of the two. If you aren't seeing them, then you don't have CustomNPC's installed, and will need to install it before they will show up. You can install CustomNPC's by opening the Minecraft EDU launcher, clicking on 'mods', clicking on 'switch to online mods', and then downloading CustomNPC's from the list. It must be installed on the server computer and all user computers in order to work. I hope that helps!

This is a great idea, but I still can't see the mailbox robot either. I installed CustomNPC as both a server mod and a client mod, but can't see them. I use MinecraftEDU Hosting. Your instructions don't mesh with what I see in the MinecraftEDU Launcher. I have 1.7.10 stable build 22 (hosting).