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Colonies Project

Ages 7-14
Published by MrSolomon  •  Posted 1201 days ago
Students will recreate a colony based on U.S. History: New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies
Social Studies > History - collaboration, simulation,
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Joel Solomon
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4, 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure, Exploration, Mission Based
Tags: Team Work, collaboration, colonies, history, simulation

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • customnpcs


Additional Material


External Video: 
5th Grade Colonies Project Video

Students will be split into three groups: New England, Middle, and Southern. Once in their groups, students will teleport to their area and begin establishing a colony based on historical evidence and research. Teachers should "front-load" this activity by studying the common elements and themes present in each geographical area. Students will choose one of three jobs: Farmer, Builder, or Craftsman. 

There are a few "traders" hidden in each area that will provide bone meal for growing crops, and tools to help builders and craftsmen. Border blocks surround each island so students can't exit once they enter their area. I've turned animals OFF so students will have to eat bread and carrots in order to survive. The more students learn to work together, share resources, and communicate effectively, the more their colony will thrive. We talk about what buildings should be present in each area (Town Hall, Church, Sleeping Quarters, etc.).

This project takes about a week. By the last day, I turn on CREATIVE MODE after having a discussion about ONLY using materials that were available to colonists in the 1600s and 1700s (no electricity, glowstone, diamond and gold blocks, etc.). Also, after each session we talk about what went well, what struggles students had, and how they can address their problems before the next session. As is usually the case with MC Edu, it's the conversations and reflections about what happened in Minecraft that are more insightful than the time spent in MC Edu.

The world file is 17MB, so you can download it from here: CLICK HERE




NETS Standards for students:

  1. Creativity and Innovation
  2. Communication and Collaboration
  3. Research and Informationi Fluency
  4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making






We were unable to download your world in my server. How would I do this with the absence of the download with server button?

In the description above I included a link to download the .zip file. Look for the big CLICK HERE text. Hope it works for you!

I was also unable to download even after "CLICK HERE". The message below is what comes up on my screen: Sorry, cl.ly is not currently accessible because it is categorized as computers.filehosting.

That sounds like an issue with your Firewall. The link works for me, and I was able to download the file. Are you trying to download from a school network? Maybe try downloading from home and see if you're getting the same error message.