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Minecraft Clue

Ages 10-14
Published by TheEdumicator  •  Posted 1204 days ago
The map is a recreation of the Clue board game. It's a mansion with hidden rooms. Working in teams, the students will solve the mystery.
English Language Arts > Creative Writing - creative writing
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: T Miller
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Exploration, Mission Based, Puzzle, Story
Tags: Team Work, Writing, Problem solving

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  • bibliocraft

Required Additional Mods

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I'm using this map and activity as a writing prompt in my afterschool Minecraft Club. Following the rules of Clue, the students search the mansion, finding hidden objects. Once a hidden object is found, a team makes a suggestion. At that time, I freeze the students to work through the suggestion.

The characters are based on Minecraft monsters. Rather than murder weapons, the hidden objects are Minecraft items. The rooms are renamed but resemble rooms from Clue.

Depending on their deductive reasoning, the students could take an hour or more to complete the game.

Many, many thanks to the following folks. This would have been just a stupid mansion without their valuable help. Thanks, guys!

TeNNoX - Rails2Revolution - RnGamingMachine - MrCubey - MagmaMusen - asianhalfsquat



Are the characters in the game? I didn't see any? Also, I found the locked doors but I don't know the codes.

The video says I need permission to view, how do I get permission. And is their any more information on how to use/play this world?

I have downloaded Forge and the version of Key and Code Lock. It shows that everything is loaded, but when I start the server, I get the message about missing blocks/items. When I connect to the server, I see all of the mods but I still can't see the key code doors. I am new to mods but really want to use this keypad door for lots of different applications.

We didn't see any npcs, my kids rated it a 4/5-5 stars I went ahead and did 5 stars because I thought it was laid out well and clever. It took my kids ages 10, 9, 8 about 30 minutes to complete. They did mention one almost impossible area but they managed to figure it out.

I just went through the map and fixed some problems, but I didn't see any NPC of the guest characters. How do you solve it. I have nothing checked off with the Guests.

Sorry for any confusion and lack of replies. I plan on reworking this map soon.

I can not get into secret room of the glass room. I hear something moving but door does not open, anyone have any help? Email me at kczarnota@bricks4kidz.com