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Volcano Town

All Ages
Published by Mr Fish  •  Posted 1282 days ago
Can children work together when volcanoes and an earthquake threaten their town?
Social Studies > Geography - volcanoes, earthquakes
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Mike Fish
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure, Exploration, Mission Based, Observation


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Children spawn in the middle of a town overlooked by two volcanoes. Give them time to explore and settle in (possibly supplying them with some home-comforts, such as beds) before you gradually trigger two eruptions and a devastating earthquake by pressing the buttons located at the teleport locations.Very few of the houses should remain intact, partly due to channels below them through which lava will flow, and well placed trees to spread flames. You could use a flint & steel to start additional fires if you feel the need. If you do this whilst in 'spectator mode' you won't be seen doing it!

Children will then need to work together to mitigate the damage. You may want to save the world before triggering the events to give children a second chance and opportunity to make preparations ahead of time. In the aftermath, children could discuss what survival 'aid' items they would like to be 'airdropped' to the outskirts of the town, in the form of a chest.

Follow-up work could involve researching how this experience was similar / different to a real eruption.



Absolutely love this idea. Have been tempering with weather mods to simulate something like this, and when I found rift, It made my day. Can definitely see possibilities for this world. Could you perhaps include Scoreboards, so we could keep track of who dies and how many times? Could probably do it my won download, but I feel it would be a great addition to your world.

Scoreboards are a nice idea but not something I've ever tried. Would that require a mod? Can I also ask, did you need the teacher password or can I remove that from the description?

No mods required. It's a vanilla Minecraft thing, using command blocks. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fully grasp the idea, but I know the MCEDUCREW makes very cool stuff with them. No you do not need the paassword. Since the password is for your own server, and not connected to the map. (I would probably remove before your students sees it :))

Love the world, but just can't figure out how to trigger the volcanoes to erupt. We have logged in as teachers and gone to the portal. We can't see the buttons though. We are very new to minecraft ...Please help

Hi, When you have teleported to 'Volcano 1' you should be able to see a stone coloured button as in the screen-shot at this link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17720560/button.jpg There's similar buttons at 'Volcano 2' & 'Rift'. Let me know if that doesn't help.

I worked in this world with a class of third graders who LOVED it! However, we also had the issue of not being able to see the effects of the volcano and earthquake. We found the buttons, but couldn't see anything happening. Does it happen at random, or is it supposed to be instant? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. My kids did a great job planning and building...and now they're ready to see some disasters :)

The buttons should trigger TNT blocks to explode, releasing flows of lava from the volcanoes and a chain reaction of explosions opening a 'rift' underneath some of the houses. Is it possible that in your teacher settings explosions are turned off?

We used this with some 4th grade students working on unit about natural disasters. We let the students decorate their village and then set off the eruptions. We saved the world and then went back allowing the class to design and build some defences and evacuation plans. Their responses were amazingly creative. The simulation also sparked some fantastic questions which could be used for personal student inquiry.

This map is amazing for both learning about volcanos and natural disasters and also for just having fun. I followed the advice from others and gave students rugs, beds, books, and other items to decorate a house with a nice sign and then triggered the first volcano. * Test the eruptions first as one didn't work perfectly. I had to place more TNT but I did it before we used in the class so it worked perfectly with the students.

This is great! Quick question...before you trigger the volcanos, I definitely want to save the world/progress. How do you do that? Do you have everyone disconnect (esc) and then go back to the sever tool to save the world? Then they rejoin? Or is there an easier way? THANK YOU!

Yes, you save in the server tool, but children don't have to disconnect whilst you do that. If you want to re-start the server from the saved position you have to stop it, which will automatically disconnect the children. When you then open the saved world they can go straight back in quite quickly.

Looks like a great project! Do you have the students in survival or creative mode?

Survival mode works well.

Hi Mr. Fish! Thank you for your fantastic map. I've actually played this with several different groups of students in the past 6 months...amazingly, I just visited 'The Rift' for the first time today...what a blast! ;-) Can't wait to, ahem, make some noise with my students this Thursday!!! Fantastic!

Thank you! The kids in both of my after-school MinecraftEDU classes (grades 2-4) really loved this one. I had no problems with it. We did this for 2 classes, but I'm sure they could have kept going with it. THANKS!