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MinecraftEduLIVE! Session 4

Ages 18+
Published by EduElfie  •  Posted 1296 days ago
The world from MinecraftEduLIVE! Session 4. Command block and their uses.
Technology > Computer Science - Command Blocks
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: MisterA, Aleksi, Mike Harvey, Matt Coia, Nicole Zonsius, EduElfie
World version: 0.5
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
Tags: Teacher Training


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External Video: 
MinecraftEduLIVE! Session 4 Recording

This is not designed as a lesson for students, this is the world that was used to showcase some of the fantastic things you can do with command blocks. Watch the session on youtube for explanations of the parts covered before the crash. The world has been fixed, but is still incomplete, perhaps it will be updated if we can get everyone together for another LIVE! session.



I downloaded this map to learn more about command blocks, but the signs do not appear when I start it up. What am I doing wrong?

Are you using MinecraftEdu? If you are not, the signs will not work as MinecraftEdu stores sign data differently than Minecraft.

I am using MinecraftEdu, but I noticed the server was starting the map in survival. I found the Eduworldsettings config file and changed the boot to edugamemode but I am still having the same issue. I will next try a fresh install because I do have a few mods installed and enabled. When I tried running the server with all mods deselected it would crash when I tried to enter it.

Fresh install didn't work... I notice the signs do not appear in the pictures above like they do in the video... are they included in the world file?

They must have been removed as part of the fix to make the map operational again. Apologies for the confusion, I will see if I can find the original sign locations text file and see if we can get the world updated to include them again.