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Turtle Island (ComputerCraftEdu/CustomNPCs for MCEdu 1.7.10)

Ages 7-18+
Published by MikeHarvey  •  Posted 1333 days ago
Turtle Island is a massive world made for MinecraftEdu 1.7.10 that relies on both ComputerCraftEdu and CustomNPCs to function properly.
Technology > Computer Science - Computer Programming
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Michael Harvey
World version: 1.5.1 (July 7, 2016)
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Mission Based, Puzzle
Tags: ComputerCraftEdu

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • computercraftedu
  • customnpcs


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If you downloaded this map before July 11, 2015, please delete and re-download the 1.5 version! 

The map is designed to accommodate up to 32 simultaneous players. The experience is divided into many parts, each one expanding on the concepts of the previous part: Main "Quest":

  1. Turtle Training Museum
  2. Navigation Tutorial
  3. Equipment Tutorial
  4. Puzzles and Challenges
  5. Free Play

Additional Areas:

  • Spawn Point / Trading Areas
  • Syntax Tutorial
  • Sky Platforms Team Race
  • Battle Royale Competition Arena
  • Bridge Design Team Challenge

An online guide is available to walk you through the world, pointing out teachable moments, to help you introduce your students to the world of programming with the help of Minecraft. 

 A world this size is bound to have errors. Feel free to leave a comment if you notice anything strange. If you do comment, please indicate the version number of the map you were using.



Hi Mike! First of all, thanks again for building this amazing world. I want to know, is it possible to get a pdf of all the code we can use in the robots? I would like to print our grids, laminate and get the children to try and solve problems on the 'real' desktop sometimes!

Are you asking for a printout of the code in the sample programs throughout the world? If you just want to print blank grids, that should be easy enough using Excel or any equivalent. Let me know specifically what you are picturing if I've missed the mark.

Work in progress! Be on the look out for bugs in the current version of the map. If you find anything, please leave a reply here. Make sure to indicate which version of the map (e.g. 1.3) you are testing. Thanks!

I just loaded your updated Turtle Island. NICE! I did find that I could not right-click on the NPCs (Quizmasters) until I hit ESC (pause) and then resumed the game again. It worked the 2nd time around. Just an FYI.

Thanks for the heads up. Probably some kind of MC bug. Glad you found a work around Joel!

Wow, this world looks great! I have a question about puzzle 10 in the puzzle challenge: I couldn't figure out how to turn the digging turtle into the mining turtle, so I went back to stage 1 and got a new turtle, is this the correct action?

Hi Mr. Stepping. That works but there is an easier way! Put your current turtle and the pickaxe given to you at #10 into your inventory. You can craft it onto the turtle. There is room for a tool on each side!

Thanks for a great world! I'm having issues with students not being able to complete their orbs on a server started from a save. For example, students who logged in with the exact same name have been unable to get their purple orb fixed by giving the guy their 3 red sand. I've also seen it with the green orb and the quizmasters. It looks like they do everything right but it is not repaired. Maybe I'm missing something... I've tried renaming new broken orbs with an anvil to no avail. I'm not sure I understand the conditions on items that make the NPCs respond. edit: ComputercraftEdu (1.7.4) customNpcs (1.7.10c) world version 1.5 (July 11, 2015) edit 2: A cursory glance with an NPC wand hasn't helped me understand either.

Each quest is marked as complete based on a unique action. The orbs actually have nothing to do with the quests from a technical side. The museum quest should be marked complete when a student correctly answers the last question from the Quizmaster. The Navigation/Puzzle challenges are marked complete when a player physically walks to a certain point in the world, marked by a black/green circle block. The equipment challenge is supposed to be marked complete when a player has the sand in the inventory - however talking to an NPC often seems necessary. If there are bugs, I suspect it is with the cnpc mod itself, but it's been hard for me to come up with the steps to reproduce the problem. I've seen similar things crop up in the past. Some things I might suggest trying are redoing the quiz, and dropping the red sand onto the ground and picking it up again. You can also have the student return to the spawn point to see if talking to another NPC might trigger completion. It's also possible that a player might actually have completed a quest without knowing. Try having them go onto the next one from the spawn point and see if it works. Programming the world to behave like a quest game was tricky to say the least. In addition to finding ways to check that a student was done, I also had to find a way to automatically remove cracked orbs and replace them at the end. If it comes down to it, you can always use the teleport block behind the spawn point NPCs to allow passage to other areas. I wish I had a more helpful answer for you. I hope this helps!

Hi Michael, Great work! I'm trying to go through Turtle Island as a student to see how everything works. The first Navigation Puzzle was a little confusing, since I wasn't sure how to get up the wall and bring my turtle with me. Eventually I figured it out, although it took some time. Is there a YouTube or video tutorial that walks users through each part of Turtle Island? It would help to see an "exemplar" of how to navigate and solve each puzzle via video. I am trying to follow the wiki article, even though some sections say "repeat steps similar to 3-4 above" and I'm not quite sure if what I'm doing is correct or not. I'll keep working my way through this world. I'm only on Part 2 of Navigation and got stuck. Thanks....

Hey Joel. Here is a Youtube Playlist wherein I've attempted to do just what you request: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgDZjdu1_Tekvd5txIHXMpRjO2KXSXMOM It's tricky to find time to document everything fully, but I hope this helps. I think you want video 12 in the playlist. Feel free to ask follow up questions on the Group or let me know what I can clarify. Thanks!

I have reinstalled Turtle Island 3X on my minecraft laptop/server and it crashes every time I tr and launch it? I thought it was the mods but eery other world loads . Culd it be due to it's size ? Has anyone else had this issue? Please help. I have Three days to get it running.

Hi Computer Goddess, Sorry you are having trouble figuring out the issue. Could you start by confirming which build of MinecraftEdu you are using and what mods (including version number) you have installed on the server? Mike

I have reinstalled Turtle Island 3X on my minecraft laptop/server and it crashes every time I tr and launch it? I thought it was the mods but eery other world loads . Culd it be due to it's size ? Has anyone else had this issue? Please help. I have Three days to get it running.