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Number Zoo

Ages 5-12
Published by MrSolomon  •  Posted 1349 days ago
Students use the "Large Work Space" world to complete a "Number Zoo" where they will represent numbers in different ways.
Math > Numeracy and Operations - numeracy, addition, subtraction
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Joel Solomon
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.6.4, 1.7.10
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: Teamwork, math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Writing


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Examples of Number Zoo Projects

Students will work in teams of 2 to create a variety of methods to display a number:

  • Addition / Multiplication
  • Subtraction / Division
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Planting Seeds and Flowers
  • Building the number
  • Write a story problem with your numbers as the answer


  1. Understand the structure and properties of our number system. At their most basic level numbers are abstract symbols that represent real-world quantities
  2. Understand quantity through estimation, precision, order of magnitude, and comparison. The
    reasonableness of answers relies on the ability to judge appropriateness, compare, estimate, and
    analyze error



Wow, just watched your video! Great idea, looking definitly forward to using this at my school! Thanks a lot!

very excited about using this lesson, but would like to know time line, how long did it take students to complete?

After a first day of introduction and overview, some groups were done in a day or two, making three days total. Other groups needed all five days to complete (Mon-Fri). Those that were done early I gave an extension challenge to make a house with a perimeter of their number (if it was large) or with each side the length of their number (20 or less). I used the "Build Allow" blocks in Teacher Mode (with fill/clear turned on) and quickly laid down a larger area in their workspace to build a house and with details related to their number.

Their are 16 numbers when you first enter the world, is that for 16 students to work in the world?

I had students working in PAIRS, so there were 16 areas to accommodate up to 32 students. Hope that helps!

is it possible to get a copy of your worksheet?

Thank you!

I used this lesson with one of our 5th grade Math groups and they loved it. Would you be willing to share the Number Zoo Feedback Form? I don't see it here. Thank you again for a great lesson, wonderful teacher support tools, and video. This was a wonderful introduction to using MinecraftEDU in the math class.

I added another file to the description with a PDF version of the feedback form. I used Google Forms to create it, so then kids can just fill out the fields and it creates a spreadsheet with everyone's responses. You'll have to create your OWN form to receive responses. Use the PDF as a guide and customize as you see fit. Glad it's working for you!

My students are loving this game. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm having difficulty conversing with my students in this world. Are you able to help me with this?

To send messages, press "T" then type your message and then hit RETURN to send. Private messages can be sent to individual students by typing "/tell (player) message"

Hello. I was wondered how I go about changing the blocks from red to green so that the students can build on them? Thank you.

I use the "Fill and Clear" tool in the teacher's toolbox. This makes it easy to clear large areas without having to click on every single block. Call up the teacher's menu, then select the Build tab (looks like a wrench) and turn on building, then check the fill and clear box, too. With nothing in your hand, right-click on one corner of an area, then fly to an opposite corner, and right-click again. This will clear the entire area between those two clicks. If you have an object in your hand, like a build allow/disallow block, this can fill in the 12x12 area pretty quickly. First clear out an empty space below the surface, then fill it in with green build allow blocks. Another strategy I've modeled for students is to manually dig 12 blocks around each side of a large grassy area, which is the PERIMETER, and then show how I can clear the entire area in between with the fill/clear tool (this also demonstrates my teacher "super powers"). We then start talking about the difference between area and perimeter in a way that students can really SEE in Minecraft. Hope this helps!

Many thanks once again Mr. Solomon

I am wanting students to be able to build on space that have red "x"s on them in their area. How do I go about changing the "x" to a green "o", so that they can build on them?

I am new to this Minecraftedu world. I have enable animals on but how do the students get them?

They will need to use "Spawn Eggs"for each animal: chicken, cow, sheep, etc. It's in their inventory. You can click the "search" tab (far right) and simply type "cow" or "sheep" and you will find the spawn eggs in the box below. Hope this helps! NOTE: You may need to switch the game mode to CREATIVE in order for students to have full access to their inventory. In "EDU Mode" full inventory is not available.

Thank you for your quick response. I apologize but how do you get to your inventory? I clicked M for my settings and such but I do not see an inventory. The only thing I can "search" for and give out are blocks. The game is currently in CREATIVE too. I can not seem to locate a "search" tab on the far right. If you are speaking in the teacher M menu my far right tab is "Computer Craftedu". Also, the world that I have uploaded onto the server has "seeds" in section 4 and "flowers" in section 5 but your youtube directions show the animals in section 4. Do I need to change that in the game myself or is there another version with the "jobs" you have for the children that go with your video?

Inventory is accessed by pressing the "E" button. "M" is to call up the teacher menu. As for seeds vs animals, I found that students were distracted by the addition of animals, so I changed these areas to have student plant flowers instead of placing animals. The teacher menu allows you to turn on/off animals so you can make that decision on whether to include animal pens or change to flowers. The Youtube video I uploaded was my first try with this world. I've since revised it by eliminating the animals (I think I mention that in the video, too). Here's a link to download a Word document that outlines each area, and uses plants and flowers instead of animals <a href="http://cl.ly/071s1D2N2w19">CLICK HERE</a>. Hope this helps!