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Team Obstacle Course

Ages 7-14
Published by CCB  •  Posted 1365 days ago
This map is an obstacle course for a group to complete. Minimum number is 5 and teamwork is REQUIRED. It uses archery, mazes, platform jumping, redstone pistons, boat navigation, ladder jumping, logic puzzles, and comparators.
Social Studies > Citizenship - Teamwork, thinking, and basic Minecraft.
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Based on Obstacle Course by Mr. Stepping and modified by CCB and Leo.
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Puzzle
Tags: Team Work, Puzzles, Parcor, comparators, digitialcitizenship


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This map is designed to handle a big group (35 easily). At least 5 are required or challenges cannot be completed.

Things to know. The first half of the course is gated in several places to keep the group togther and to encourage teamwork and citizenship. Consider discussing who was helped by player actions. Were those actions self serving, for the good of the group, etc (Why let someone out of jail?). There are two significant puzzles (comparator based and a teleport maze). These require thinking before acting. Students can get frustrated. You may have to knock down doors to grant them access past the comparators if they get too frustrated (especially for younger students). The Teleport maze does have a solution, but random choosing will make it very tedious!

Watch the pistons! I've have had trouble with them breaking (and going invisible!). You may need to clear a way through if things break.

While the stated goal is to be the first to finish (there is a secret word at the final destination), no one can win without the help of others. Information to the players requires them to get everyone to the parcor section. If any players fail to make it that far, no one can win (this is stated not enforces by software). Students need to READ signs! Remind them this is not a race until parcor begins.

Based on Obstacle Course by Mr. Stepping. Changes to almost all sections with the addition of three new sections and the teleport maze. Map was heavy tested by our schools Minecraft club!



What is "parcor"?

I am new to Minecraft and Minecraft.edu and am using it as an after school enrichment program. How do the students see what they are shooting in the first stage? The minecart in the distance is visually blocked by the stairs. During a practice run I had to fly (as the teacher) to see what I was shooting at and then when I thought I hit the target and it was destroyed and there was nothing left to "fall into the hopper". Please help me through this stage. Thank you.

Sorry - commented in the wrong area. Please ignore above comment

Kevincz - Parcor is my miss-spelling of Parkour. It means jumping feats.

twozniak - this area is fine. Some of the targets are supposed to be hard to see. They should be able to see some and notice that as they hit them, the redstone line activate. Then they should figure out that there are more targets to hit and they will keep shooting until all the redstone is active and the doors open. Let me know if you still are having trouble with the minecarts not activating the redstone when they are hit and I'll check into it.