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HomeTree - Computercraft

Ages 10-18+
Published by A Mulholland  •  Posted 1372 days ago
A Computercraft turtles experimenting zone inside a giant Hometree! Includes an obstacle course to get to the turtle zone to act as practice for new Minecraft Players
Technology > Computer Science - Programming, exploration
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Andrew Mulholland, ReivinFreesia
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure, Exploration, Mission Based
Tags: Introduction, Beginner, computercraft, ComputerCraftEdu, Programming

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

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  • computercraft
  • computercraftedu


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The map is a heavily modified version of ReivinFreesia's rather awesome HomeTree. I modified the world to give my students practice with Minecraft controls after completing the tutorial world. At the end of the simple practice course is a large flat multipurpose area inside the tree. This area has a set of chests with Computercraftedu turtle equipment including beginner turtles and remotes. It is up to you then what you want them to do in that area. I used it for letting them play around with basic movement of the turtles.

That zone could easily be modified for other purposes though including a small building competition perhaps?


This map requires an as of yet, unreleased beta version of Computercraftedu for 1.7.10.



There are no turtles or remotes in the chests. Have I missed doing something? Love the journey to the chests though.

You need to be running the most recent (currently unreleased) beta version of Computercraftedu for 1.7.10, or else they won't be there. The new Computercraftedu I believe is being released in the next few weeks though!

I'm using 1.7.10 build 12 and I just found some dirt, pick axes and a water bucket in two of the chests! Amazing tree!

Getting an error message saying "There are missing blocks and items in this save" Im running 1.7.10 build 12, Andrew Mulholland kudos on the map, its massive

As in the description of the map. "This map requires an as of yet, unreleased beta version of Computercraftedu for 1.7.10." So as this new Computercraftedu hasn't been publicly released yet, it will complain when starting.

Thanks for the quick reply, any update on the ETA for the new Computercraftedu mod?

***IMPORTANT*** This world is currently INCOMPATIBLE with the MinecraftEdu Hosting Service Beta. Do not try to make it active on your server - it will fail.