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Ages 7-16
Published by MrFrancko  •  Posted 1405 days ago
A world based around the fourth grade social studies curriculum in Ohio. This is a work in progress that is a fairly blank slate. I use a hub and spoke concept with a central campus that students can teleport from. Each area has a theme.
Social Studies > History - History and Writing
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Mr. Francko
World version: 3.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure, Exploration, Mission Based, Observation, Puzzle, Story
Tags: Writing, Team Work, Social studies, Timeline, Exploration

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • bibliocraft
  • customnpcs
  • harvestcraft


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New in 3.0:

The fantasy area is functional.  I used it with my class to brainstorm ideas for a fantasy story.  I hid items around the area while they were doing it, so they could do some quests.  This is an area I plan on continuing to add to and tweak.  The kids loved it though.  Super great way to spend 30-45 minutes.

Paul Revere's ride is a fully functional virtual timeline activity.  Simply give your students a blank timeline and have them go through the area and fill it out.  My students had a blast with it!  This area is connect to colonial Boston, so I just told my students to stay out of there.  The journey will take the students past several historic landmarks.

Colonial Boston is totally upgraded!  I add a great deal of information from the American Revolution unit I had done with my students.  I used this area as a review activity before the test.  They had a blast exploring and finding the information blocks with the information in it.  I also added a bunch of random information about colonial Boston itself. This area includes replicas of several major Boston landmarks! 

The mapping town has been modified.  I made a border around the entire area to keep the students right in the mapping area.  I also tweaked several parts to make it better.  Super detailed and the students had a blast with this for several different lessons.  Mostly I used it with map skills.  Could definietly go right along with a civics lesson as well.

New in 2.0:

A map building area for your school and an entire city with a scavenger hunt.  I also edited and added to some areas.  I am currently working on a fantasy area that will be used for creative writing.  This is a work in progress, but it will require a few mods, including customnpc.


I use a hub and smoke concept for my map.  Everyone starts in my "campus" where you could do a variety of different activities.  I designed it mostly for an information or note-taking scavenger hunt.  There are wide variety of buildings on campus, and I am slowly starting to add details to the interior of each one.  This is a blank slate though, so feel free to use it however you want.  There are a ton of possibilities in this area alone.

From the campus, you can have the students use the teleporter at the starting location.  This will take you to many different places, some of which I have done some work on. One location is Francko Mountain, which is just a place where students can be broken into teams and allowed to build whatever you may want them to in a wide open space.

My first project was Boston Harbor for my American Revolution Unit.  I even did a semi-accurate recreation of Fanueil Hall.  Again, a lot of possibilities here.  I will eventually get some info blocks laid out, but you are free to do whatever you want.  I will also be adding more details to the interior of the buildings and giving them more purpose. 

Next, I created a virtual timeline for my Native American unit near the beginning of the year.  Students start next to a glacier and discover a cave that represents the prehistoric Native Americans.  Next, they travel to a forest and learn about the hunters and gatherers that ended up in Ohio.  Students then go through several areas of mound building cultures, including a recreation of The Great Serpent Mound and Fort Ancient.  Students even get to learn a little about the Aztrec and Inca before ending up in an area that teaches them about the tribes of the 1700s.  Eventually I will have all the information in the info blocks.

I have also marked some locations for use in a biome project.  I have locations in different locations where students could be broken into groups and each group is given a different biome.  It would be interesting to have the students build a little town and then discuss why each group's town looks so different.  Each biome would provide a different feel, and the students would have to explain why they built it the way they did.

This is all a work in progress.  I am going to use this map in an attempt to get some funding from my district for the purpose of attaining technology for a Minecraftedu computer cart. I plan on covering many of Ohio's social studies standards on this one map, that way I can share it with others. I simply want to show as many different uses as possible.  I apologize for the incompleteness of it, but I get distracted by new ideas, and I go off and work on something else.  Feel free to do with it as you please. and I would love ideas and feedback.


Eventually I will have many cross-curricular lessons.  The building area allows for any number of possibilities for other subject areas.



This sounds like an amazing map, but for some reason, it only downloads as a 1kb zip file with a folder called "stats" inside. Can't get the actual map to load. Is it just me? Any other link to download?

I have the same problem as Mr. Michael

Thank you for the information. I have updated the file. Hopefully it will work correctly now. Now that school has started back up, I will begin updating again.