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Craft Your Future

Ages 10-14
Published by The Gameworkshop  •  Posted 902 days ago
‘Craft your Future’, developed by the Chartered Institute of Building, is a construction game aimed at 12-14 year olds. Through it young learners explore the methods and skills to become a construction manager. See www.ciobmc.org for all resources.
Technology > Digital Citizenship - Art and Design, Geography, Technology
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: The Gameworkshop
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Mission Based, Story
Tags: Construction, Teamwork, Urbanization, Globalization, sustainability


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Craft Your Future - Trailer

In a series of four freely available Minecraft Education Lessons, that can be downloaded by teachers anywhere and accessed via the Minecraft Education Platform, students encounter a variety of problems that reflect construction challenges in cities today. The lessons take place in Newtown, a specially created virtual city in Minecraft, to design, plan, collaborate and build solutions that develop a sustainable future for all its citizens. Exercises also include real life scenarios like the challenge of restoring Battersea Power Station.



Can we still upload worlds using the Server Launcher? Doesn't seem to work anymore for me? You?

Download worlds, no upload.

I've been able to download worlds.

I downloaded this but the world is completely wrong. No structures, no anything. This looks like the perfect classroom project. Help.

@Mr.P This may happen if you don't grab the actual world file after unzipping. When unzipping - When unzipping, the world file is placed as a sub folder, so make sure to navigate into the unzipped folder and copy the file with the actual world data. Also - I can see that it is not possible to use the "Download with server launcher" button - so please use the manual download. There will be an updated version of this map available here around 1st December.

@The Gameworkshop Thank you for your reply. It made all the difference. My students and I have been working in and exploring Newtown. WOW. This is the best Minecraft project I have seen to date. We will be completing Chapter 2 today. Thank you for all your hard work on this project. Teachers: USE THIS PROJECT. The lesson plans are well written, the tasks are clear and concise, and the kids think its fantastic. I'm using it in grades 7/8. I had my Principal walk through during a class and he was very impressed and any concerns he had about using Minecraft in the classroom were dissipated. A+

@Mr.P Thank you very much for your positive feedback. This is highly appreciated at many levels :). Would you mind getting in touch with me, so we might use your feedback as a testimonial? DM me on twitter @vexmand or mail me andre(at)gapro(dot)dk

I'm also using this with my 8th graders and I'm loving it. Here's a video of a public hearing we had for chapter one's rooftop construction. https://vimeo.com/199935755 Looking forward to the rest of the unit.

Hello there. Thank you very much for this feedback - its great to know that the instructional design makes sense to teachers out there. Make sure to send the CIOB your experiences with CYF. We have just uploaded a new version of the MinecraftEdu world. We have fixed some bugs in the tutorial buildings and the tweaked the spawn area.