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Capture the Flag, Dublin Castle

Ages 5-18+
Published by Chester County Library  •  Posted 978 days ago
A capture the flag map for MinecraftEDU, based on the Dublin Castle map uploaded by MindRising.
Social Studies > Geography - Strategy, Dublin, Ireland
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: MindRising, Chester County Library
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure, Puzzle
Tags: Fun, Team Work, Exploration


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This map is based on MindRising's amazing Dublin Castle map, which can also be found on this site. I've included a link to it above.

This is a team capture the flag map. Players enter the world without a team, and can equip themelves with the nearby equipment dispensors. Then, they should stand on the appropriate teleport station to choose between teams Red and Blue, up to a maximum of six players each. Doing so will transport the player first to a bird's eye view area, then to their team's base.

Each team starts with four flags spread across the map, and must capture all of the opposing team's flags to win. The "flags" are simply blocks of red or blue wool inside floating chests. Some of the flags are difficult to find, and there are secret passages and better equipment hiding everywhere. A scoreboard to the right lists the number of flags remaining. Holding Tab lists all the players, what team they're on, and if they're carrying a flag. To capture a flag, a player runs through their team's flag capturing station with the flag in their inventory.


  • Players are restricted from doing much until they join a team
  • Almost no blocks can be destroyed, save for those that cover up hidden items/passages
  • The world is floating, but players can't jump off of it
  • The team size can be adjusted if you fiddle with the command blocks
  • Taking enemy flags through your team's flag capturing station removes them from the game
  • Entering the opposing team's flag capturing station doesn't do anything
  • Uses only vanilla MinecraftEDU (no mods)


  • You can see who has a flag, but not which team's flag it is
  • Players can return dropped flags to their original locations, but they aren't currently required to
  • If EVERYONE gets far enough away from some of the redstone mechanisms, flag carrier tracking will temporarily fail
  • There's currently nothing stopping players from throwing a flag somewhere unreachable
  • If you enter the flag capturing station with TWO of the opponent's flags, it still only counts as one
  • Entering the flag capturing station with both color flags will destroy both, but only lower the opposing team's flag count
  • Requires development version 1.8.9 Build 3! Unfortunately this site doesn't list that as a possibility




We couldn't find any wool

Hi! I have been looking and looking and looking for blue or red wool "flags". No luck. I found a few chests, but they were all empty. Can you give me a hint? :) I'd like to try this out with my 6-8 graders. Thanks so much!

OH!!!! I forgot to tell you how WONDERFUL the castle is = I mean, like .... WOW!

One more thing - I'm on 1.7.10 build - I can see everything, but no flags.

This will not work with 1.7.10. As some have noticed, the flags do not appear. All seems well in the 1.8.9 build development version. Unfortunately, the latter is not available unless you happened to download it during the narrow window it was available in April 2016.