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Ages 7-12
Published by Myra Palmer  •  Posted 954 days ago
Castleland provides a world in which students begin with finding hidden passageways in a castle to selecting a land to team with others to meet the challenge presented.
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Myra Palmer
World version: 4.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Adventure

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  • computercraftedu


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Once students find their way through the Castle, they will choose from seven lands, each with a different challenge. Once teleporting to their selection, they will team with others to solve the specific challenge.


  • Bridge -  Use Moss Brick to build a bridge. Team with others to work toward the top already in place. The bridge must be at least six blocks across with a railing.
  • Iceland - You've arrrived in Iceland. The Museum was destroyed during a snowstorm and you must team with others to rebuild the museum. Be sure to include Ice Sculptures.
  • Horseland - Team with others and build a fence around the perimeter of the entire area Then spawn your horse and tame it. Afterwards build a barn to protect your horses during bad weather. Consider designing a track for your horses to improve their racing abilities.
  • Cave Mining - Explore the depths of the Cave. Team with others to create a maze that leads back to this spawn point. Remember to secure torches and axes for this challenge.
  • Rainbow Island - You've selected Rainbow Island. Your challenge is to team with others and build a rainbow over the island from one corner to the other. Use at least six colors.
  • Desertland - You've arrived at Desertland. Team with others to build a Pyramid with passageways and corridors within the interior to open chambers.
  • Ship Ahoy - Ship Ahoy Matie. Team with your crewmates to build a vessel fit enough for ye ole pirates. Remember to design your flag and provide cannons that shoot..... 'snowballs'.


My students are in this world and can't find the teleporter to go to the lands for the challenges.

KnightCrafter - The teleporter is in the Treehouse, which is found at the end of Spiderweb Alley. I added some signs and glowstones to aid in the hidden passageways. Students need to click the letter 'M' to find the next 'secret zone' as they navigate through the Castle to find the teleporter in the Treehouse. I'll update the version. I certainly hope this helps.

This looks fun and I am thinking about using this with my kids at a summer camp. Love the variety of choices. However, I cannot find the secret passage way in the beginning of the castle. Help! New to Minecraft. Thanks!.....UPDATE: I FOUND IT!

MinecraftingwithKids - Thank you for your interest in Castleland. Apparently I hid the secret passageway very well. In the version 3.0, I uploaded today, I provided four blocks at the entrance that light up when found revealing the staircase. It is found to the right of the signs, but to the left of the lit room on the right. In the 3.0 version, I also created a map room in the Treehouse of each of the lands, expanded the Ships A'hoy area, provided a border for the Cave Mining option and flattened the Horseland area. I also build rooms for each of the teleport stations so that the 'challenge' is clearly found and not deleted. I'm new to this as well and discovered the updates needed after using it with my own students this summer. Check out the 3.0 version, I think it is much improved.

Hi Myra. My class are going nuts! They are in the treehouse. How do they teleport to the different areas please?

Jenny, I realized the teleport didn't have the options operational for transport. I've fixed that problem, provided six teleports instead of one and added in disallow blocks for spaces my students found ways to knock out holes in the castle. LOL All of my third through fifth grade classes have really enjoyed teaming together and creating in each of these worlds. Hope you, Knightcrafter and Minecraftingwithkids are willing to try the 4.0 version. I've also added more signs, a map room and more space to travel to the roof area. So sorry to have taken so long to fix all the issues. Lots going on at school with Makerspace and Bookfair. Enjoy! Myra

Hi Myra, I am testing this out before I take it to my kids and I get all the way to the roof then I cannot find Spiderweb alley?:( I know my kids would probably do it in a minute but I like to know so I can help some of the younger ones. Thank you so much I know they are going to enjoy this one.

IPL.... Basically, once you enter the roof area, turn to the right and follow the way all the way to the corner. Basically, you turn right several times, then left, fall to the bottom floor of the castle and weave through the Spiderweb alley to get to the Treehouse area where the students can teleport to the land with the challenge that interests them. So glad you're interested in this World. Hope your students love it as much as mine have enjoyed unleashing their creativity. Myra