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The CCEdu Resource Race!

Ages 7-16
Published by MikeHarvey  •  Posted 1056 days ago
Race against other teams to collect the most resources possible - Turtles only! Collaborate with your team to free your turtles from the maze!
Technology > Computer Science - Computer Programming
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Mike Harvey, Shane Asselstine, Matt Coia
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: Teamwork, Farming, mining, ComputerCraftEdu, Programming, Coding, race, maze

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • computercraftedu
  • customnpcs


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Full details are coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Lesson Time: 1-2 Hours

MinecraftEdu Settings: Student building disabled, MinecraftEdu or survival mode


In this world, students will be broken up into teams for the Great Resource Race! Teams will need to collect as much wood, wheat, and cobblestone as possible, but only using turtles. Before beginning, each team will need to rescue a turtle from the two-story maze house.

A sequence for students is below. I like to review these in reverse order using a projector before students log in. 

  • Students will first use the teleport block at the Spawn point to go to your team's station. There are currently six stations. Suggested group size: 4
  • Once all students are at their stations, give all students a remote control. 
  • Teams will then navigate their robot through a two-story maze. This works best with one turtle "driver" using turtle vision and 3 navigators who guide the driver from inside the maze building. 
  • Once outside, the driver should move the turtle back down to the ground. Each team's turtle contains 3 identical turtles in its inventory. The driver can use the place commands to put the other turtles out into the world.
  • From here, each team member may control one turtle or students may unlock their turtles to allow for open collaboration.
  • Students should then brainstorm strategies for collecting the materials (wood, wheat, cobblestone) by using the turtles in the blocked off areas.  Teams must decide how to split the three tasks between members and turtles.

Beyond the Basics

  • The monitor outside the building will automatically record the team's time in the maze. This can become a separate competition if desired. Note that the recorded times will NOT be saved if the server is closed and restarted.
  • Collected resources can be stored in a team's chest, indicated by a beacon.
    • Opening the chest will also color-code a player's username and add them to a "team".
    • This event is also logged on the server, making it a good way to track who is on what team.
    • In the event of dishonesty, you could also check the server log to see if a player may be opening the wrong team's chest.
  • An NPC named Steve will provide students with bonemeal, and other items to keep them going.
    • Some items are given freely while others require a trade.
    • Steve will also provide program templates that students may use that scaffold concepts like loops and conditional statements.
  • Survival mode can optionally be used to put more pressure on the collection of wheat.
  • At the end of the given time limit, or once students have perfected their programs, student building can be enabled. This will give students a chance to use the materials they have collected. Discuss later if any students continued to use their turtles even if they didn't need to.

Regarding Custom npc's

  • Custom npc's is recommended for this world, but not essential. Without it, expect to see warnings about missing blocks or items upon starting the server. These can be ignored. If you would like to run this world without NPCs, you will need to provide a means for students to receive items like saplings, seeds, and bonemeal. This can be done through a series of command blocks or chests, or via the Give menu.


Nice! Love a good Harvey Turtle map! Just loaded it up... looks like it will be awesome. If I am getting the "There is no such item with ID 4101" message when trying to give out turtle remotes from the teacher menu, what should I do?

Happened to me too! Use the give menu instead. Just start typing "turtle remote" then press "give to all".


Hi Michael, I just downloaded this world and am trying to go through the instructions. I got through the maze, and am now trying to figure out how to program the turtles to plant seeds in the dirt. When I move my turtle over the hoed soil, it turns the dirt brown (not suitable for planting). How do I program the turtles to plant seeds? Is there an "answer key" that I can access in order to help students figure out what to do in the three bordered areas? Thanks....Joel

Hi! I've downloaded this map on two p.c.s and get the same problem! 1.) I'm running the latest MCEdu. 2.) I have the correct mods. When I go into the map it is a bare world, no buildings, no teleport stations...just a savannah! Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

I'm getting this on all the download maps