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Supply Store

Ages 5-12
Published by MichaelMisha  •  Posted 1126 days ago
This super flat world starts with a supply store that uses command blocks to give students essential crafting ingredients.
Technology > Computer Science - Multipurpose
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World Details and Requirements
Created by: Michael Misha
World version: 1.0
Supported MinecraftEdu Versions: 1.7.10
World Type: Mission Based
Tags: crafting, survival, SuperFlat, Bibliocraft, ComputerCraftEdu, CustomNPCs, 1.7.10

Required MinecraftEdu Hosted Mods

You can obtain these mods using the MinecraftEdu Launcher
  • bibliocraft
  • computercraftedu
  • customnpcs


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  • World type: Super Flat
  • Recommended Mode: Survival
  • Recommended Setting: Students Can Build
  • Purpose: The supply store in this multipurpose world enables students to keep themselves well-supplied with essential crafting ingredients, rather than needing the teacher to put them in creative mode or needing the teacher to continually manually refill their supplies/chests. Students *love* "shopping" and crafting their own materials from the ingredients provided, and they *love* being in survival mode.
  • Example Use: Students can use the supplies in the store to build a scale model of their school campus.


  • Note: The store is protected by Build Disallow Blocks under the foundation.
  • Note: Command blocks are underneath the store floor and linked to pressure plates. Feel welcome to modify the ingredients in the store to fit your needs.
  • Note: Spawn point is set at approximately 0, 0 (x, z).
  • Note: Time is locked at approximately 6 p.m. so students can easily see which direction is west and can infer the other directions.


  • This is the first thing I've uploaded, so thanks in advance for any feedback/tips you might provide!
  • Coming soon: I plan to create a supply store that requires payment (such as emeralds) for each incredient. This will be useful for at least 2 scenarios: 1. Token enconomies in which students earn currency by completing in-game or out-of-game tasks, and then they can purchase more/better supplies for building. 2. Building challenges that require students to stay within a given budget.


Hi Michael, I am curious how your progress has come along with regards to the supply store that requires payment. I am keen to have building challenges that require students to work within a budget. Todd

Hey, @mrl12, thanks for asking! I needed a little inspiration to do the work, which your question has prompted. :) I have 2 ideas, and the simpler one is in progress. The payment system uses command blocks to deduct XP levels and give supplies, with commands like these: /give @p[lm=1] 0004 64 (give's nearest player 64 blocks of cobblestone if they have at least 1 level of XP) and /xp -1l @p (takes 1 XP levels from nearest player). This does not require the student to explicitly give a payment, since the levels are taken automatically. The more complicated one lets players explicitly give payment, and it will involve a lot of redstone, hoppers, droppers, comparators, and repeaters. I haven't started it, but here's a video that shows how it's done: https://youtu.be/LobumKVTXJE. Enjoy!

@mrl12, I just uploaded a XP supply store. I hope it proves helpful for you. I'd love to hear how things go if you assign a project that has a budget. Michael

Hi Michael. Been away for some time but finally getting a chance to use your map this week. Video to make the vending machine was great too. I will let you know how things go...